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I'm a serial entrepreneur and executive. I've been selling since I started my first business in college, and most recently sold my own company to a large multinational company. As a sales consultant and coach, I help present you in a compelling way.

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Hi there, I'm Joyce! You might notice that I have one of the longest Coach profiles here on HireClub. The reason is that I love to delight my clients and believe that anytime you want someone to hire you, you should demonstrate how your passion and enthusiasm are second to none.

Do You Like to Win?
I want you to know that I'm going to overachieve in everything that we do together. I also believe in providing as much information as possible here so that you can get to know me, my philosophy and my process, so in your coach selection you can select the best possible match. If you have any other questions, feel free to message me through HireClub.

What I Do
I'm an experienced coach who has coached at all levels, everyone from CEOs , executives and entrepreneurs, to managers and individual contributors. I have recruited and hired hundreds of people in my career, and can help you present yourself to stand out against the competition and make companies feel like they NEED to hire you.

I can help you if:

  • You're looking for your next job
  • Have goals or challenges in your current role
  • Are looking to move up within your organization
  • Are looking to make a career change
  • Are looking for general career strategy advice
  • Are an entrepreneur and want general career advice or are looking to take your startup experience to a company
  • Are looking for advice on how to hire
  • Want practice with interviewing and presenting your personal brand

Reasons You Should Work With Me

  • You're ready for dramatic, rapid change
  • You want help getting clarity on what you want / your goals
  • You want to hear what you need to hear, not what you want to hear
  • You want the tips and tricks for making your resume sparkle, how to present yourself in the best light possible, and maximize the job title and compensation package you are offered
  • You need help with strategy or just pure execution
  • You want to LEVEL UP
  • You want to have fun along the way - no one does their best work when they are in a scarcity/fear mindset. Let's get you into a positive abundance mindset!

My Approach & Methodologies I've Trained On
1) Balance EQ and IQ in Your Personal Brand: I believe that emotional intelligence (EQ) and intellectual intelligence (IQ) are equally important. Careers and hiring are all about people, culture fit, and people connecting and communicating. I'll help you craft your personal branding and messaging in both EQ and IQ and coach you on presenting yourself in a balanced way.

2) Designing Your Life: I've coached many people through the Designing Your Life process, which is a way of thinking about planning your personal and professional life using design thinking techniques. It brings a lot more creativity, joy, and comfort with constant iteration into your thought process, replacing the concept of taking a linear, one-track approach to your life.

3) Authentic Relating: connecting with people in a genuine, deeper way and also delivering information in the best way will get you really far. Authentic Relating is a powerful tool for deepening connection, building trust, and reducing the friction and charge in a situation that involves conflict. I teach you how to use these techniques to get the best possible results in any situation. When you get people on your side, everyone wins.

1) Discovery Questions: I ask questions about the situation to confirm what you want help with. If you have a challenge, I'll get into the details and reflect back to you

2) Analysis: I provide insight on what I'm seeing in terms of your mindset, attitudes, and beliefs. I summarize and confirm your goals and challenges, and what you'd like to accomplish.

3) Plan: We make a plan for how to get you in the right mindset, as well as the logistics of achieving your goals.

4) Follow Up & Iteration: As you execute on the plan, I check in with you to make sure we're hitting deadlines. We also review how things are going and then iterate on our strategy and how to execute

My Superpowers
1) Salary Negotiation: I've been known to be the highest paid employee at most of my previous companies, and been told that people have said "Hire Joyce, at any price." When you clearly make the case for your value and companies realize you are the top candidate for the job, that can make a world of difference. I'll help you craft and practice your negotiation.

2) Career Coaching: I help you gain clarity on who you are, what energizes you, and where you can be the most successful with your skills.

3) Mindset Coaching: negotiations are a game of chicken, selling is about making others feel confident and trust that you can get the job done. In order for others to believe, YOU need to believe. Let's get you believing in yourself more than you ever thought possible.

4) I'm an Empath: This means that I can feel other people's feelings, even if they are very subtle. This makes me an excellent coach because it enables me to pick up on small things and help you gain clarity on how you really feel about a situation. I can also tell you how you're coming across and how to make it more compelling and professional.

5) Tarot Card Reading: I've done hundreds of tarot card readings for people from all walks of life, and the reason I keep doing them is that my clients tell me that they are ridiculously accurate. If you need deeper clarity, we can do a reading to hone in on your true thoughts and feelings about a situation, or get advice on the best course of action. We can do the reading virtually as well.

I believe that success and being your best self comes from the following three things. I focus on all three in my coaching:

1) Mindset: to win, you need to have a winning mindset, and you need to believe in yourself. I help you do this. I've led my team to achieving audacious goals - for instance, tripling the amount that my sales reps have sold, and empowering my managers to do more than they ever believed they could.

2) Know Your Stakeholders: who is involved with the career situation or hiring process, and what are their priorities? Are they all aligned or are there any conflicts? How do you position yourself to each person in the right way?

3) Strategize: I'll clearly define the goals and criteria for success, and then map a clear path to achieving those. Never execute unless you have a clear strategy and goals. Ensure that the plan includes HOW you will communicate as well as WHAT you will communicate, and practice both.

About Me
When I'm not coaching, you can find me doing yoga, going on hikes with my husband Chris and puppy Sprinkles, attending personal growth retreats and conferences, relaxing in various hot springs throughout Northern California, traveling, eating high vibrational healthy food or green juices, or playing mahjong with my family.

Articles & Books
-Forbes article on "Do You Love Your Job? If Not, Here Are 9 Things To Do ": -Fast Company article on "7 ways I've learned to assert myself as a young woman at work":

-Check out my Salesforce ebook on Secrets to Business Growth:



· 04/25/20 · Subscriber

The world is a different place than it was 60 days ago, and Joyce brought valuable perspective about how this can affect my current employment and my job search.

Karim K Jinnah

· 02/21/20 · Subscriber

I try to touch base with Joyce weekly. I always get great coaching from her and if I don't follow her guidance I end up kicking myself later. Joyce is a gem!


· 02/06/20 · Subscriber

Thanks Joyce for helping me prepare the onsite interviews!

Karim K Jinnah

· 02/05/20 · Subscriber

Excellent actionable feedback. This is gold!


· 01/27/20 · Subscriber

Joyce has helped me outline a larger plan, and we take steps each call to achieve it.


· 01/26/20 · Subscriber

Joyce helped me with some hard questions that are really helpful for my incoming interviews.


· 01/21/20 · Subscriber

Joyce helped me go through a lot of details that is super helpful for my upcoming interviews.


· 01/17/20 · Subscriber

Good practice with Joyce


· 01/11/20 · Subscriber

Joyce was really helpful. She made me rethink and reframe how to approach a couple spots in my interview process where I am struggling — both on the strategic level and also on the tactical “here’s a great way to say that” level. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Marilenis Lee

· 01/10/20 · Coaching Intro

I had a great intro conversation with Joyce and I'm looking forward to work with her on interview prep and possibly resume re-write. Joyce was very clear in how she will be able to help me gave me ideas on a few different things we can work together including LinkedIn and Resume review.


· 01/09/20 · Subscriber

Great! Joyce advised my presentation slides and it was so helpful!

John Liz

· 01/09/20 · Subscriber

Joyce is easy to talk to and laser focus on the goals at hand.


· 01/06/20 · Subscriber

Great as always!

Karim K Jinnah

· 12/21/19 · Subscriber

I love talking to Joyce. She has great recall of our prior conversations so we can pick up where we left off, she asks great probing questions and based on my responses, always offers valuable advice. I feel like we are partners. Her coaching is building my confidence and getting me closer to my end goal of landing that dream job!


· 12/17/19 · Subscriber

It was great. I felt comfortable sharing my goals. She gave me some good tips to use with my upcoming interviews. I'm looking forward to working with her.


· 12/12/19 · Subscriber

After Joyce helped me through the grind of the job search, negotiate an offer, and decide to decline the offer, I decided to stay at my current employer—but not before Joyce helped me secure a 15% raise and promotion. I am continuing my work with Joyce to help me plan strategically for my career and succeed (thrive) in my current role. Joyce and I talked about goal-setting, mind-mapping, and 2020 planning. She is always an amazing help. I am so fortunate to have found such an experienced and supportive coach!


· 12/10/19 · Subscriber

Very detailed tips for salary negotiation and onsite interviews.

Karim K Jinnah

· 12/09/19 · Subscriber

I booked a 15 min call to touch base with Joyce not expecting too much other than to update her on my interviews and of course she had a ton of great feedback and ideas and I came away with some great advice on how to optimize my interviews along with the best way to handle the Compensation question to maximize my negotiation power down the line. Joyce never fails to deliver value on these calls.

Karim K Jinnah

· 12/03/19 · Resume Review

My resume review w/ Joyce was very thorough and informative. She provided a TON of valuable recommendations. It was eye-opening how much value she added! I wish I was wise enough to do this with her much sooner, but I'm grateful that I did it now.

Patrick Ellis

· 11/27/19 · Subscriber

Joyce shares great practical advice and real world scenarios, to help me think strategically when managing my career path.


· 11/26/19 · Subscriber

A great intro call with Joyce.


· 11/22/19 · Subscriber

I was already in the process of interviewing for new jobs and had received some offers when I started talking with Joyce. Joyce listened to my background, helped me think through current offers and discussed some initial feedback/open-ended questions that might be helpful as I continued my search. I look forward to working with Joyce further to negotiate on further offers. Thank you!

Karim K Jinnah

· 11/21/19 · Subscriber

Excellent as always. 1hr flies by.


· 11/16/19 · Subscriber

I received a job offer, and Joyce helped me carefully evaluate it. While I was tempted to jump at the job, Joyce has helped me look st all angles. She always asks the questions that need to be asked. She always relates scenarios to her extensive experience, which provides context for my own situation. Joyce continues to exceed my career coaching expectations.

Karim K Jinnah

· 11/15/19 · Mock Interview

Excellent experience. Joyce identified my challenges w interviewing and shared several tips on how I can improve.

Karen Zachary

· 11/06/19 · Subscriber

Thanks for the advice and pep talk!


· 10/29/19 · Salary Negotiation

Joyce has been incredibly helpful as I navigate the transition from contractor to permanent position. Working with her on how to communicate with my supervisor regarding my role has been invaluable.


· 10/22/19 · Subscriber

The job search has its ups and downs, and I had been experiencing a "down" recently. My call with Joyce helped me refocus and made me feel like I'm back on track.

JT Quillan III

· 10/22/19 · Coaching Intro

Joyce listened and understood exactly what type of coaching I needed and generously answered all my questions in a very speedy, thorough, and engaging initial conversation. I look forward to working with her and benefiting from her coaching.


· 10/16/19 · Subscriber

It was a good call. I needed the boost this week. :)


· 10/15/19 · Subscriber

I’m happy to be working with Joyce! She has a huge sharing and caring heart together with exceptional professionalism. Energy, support, guidance and structure - I found everything what I was looking for.

Beverley Doody

· 10/09/19 · Coaching Intro

High energy, very welcoming and willing to share. Thank you!

Veronica Bashbush

· 10/07/19 · Subscriber

Joyce has been excellent in helping me create a resume and LinkedIn profile that is getting noticed. I appreciate how positive and encouraging she is during my job search, as it can be stressful at times. She is thoughtful in her responses and has connected me to resources and people hiring for the positions I want. I appreciate her prompt follow-up and I would highly recommend her.

Patrick Ellis

· 10/05/19 · Subscriber

Joyce is super talented and I’m glad to be working with her. Our discussions are always a positive exercise for me, and the guidance Joyce provides is very helpful.

Laura Hundersmarck

· 09/30/19 · Coaching Intro

Joyce was easy-going and a thoughtful listener. In our intro session, she helped me feel confident about my goals and the steps I could take toward achieving them. I highly recommend her.


· 09/20/19 · Coaching Intro

Joyce was awesome! She gave me some great pointers in how to start the conversation regarding my soon-to-be transition from contractor to permanent employee and the negotiation that will follow. Will definitely be booking a follow up Salary Negotiation session once those talks are fully underway.


· 09/13/19 · Subscriber

Joyce helped me distill where I am in my job search and put it into context. It helped to keep me grounded in this emotional process, especially when it comes to identifying next steps.

Karen Zachary

· 09/13/19 · Subscriber

Great! Fingers crossed that something comes out of this! :)


· 09/10/19 · Coaching Intro

Thank you Joyce for making me feel confident about the job search over the course of our short conversation!


· 09/05/19 · Coaching Intro

My coaching session with Joyce was enjoyable and actionable. I am not currently looking for new opportunities, but was looking for guidance on how to be purposeful in designing my career. In my coaching session we covered: Team and company dynamics How to think through long term goals Finding mentors Potential long term career paths Salary negotiations I left with a couple of "next steps" that made the 15 minutes feel very productive. Joyce obviously has deep experience in both Sales and coaching. Great coach and mentor!

Elana Polichuk

· 09/04/19 · Subscriber

I’m extremely happy to be working with Joyce and feel lucky to have found a coach of her caliber through HireClub. I am a high-achieving mid-career professional and have leveled up with her guidance. She is a successful executive and very proactive and caring coach. She expertly balances our sessions between setting the right strategy to reach my goals and addressing any internal blocks that are holding me back. She’s open to feedback, too, if I need something different. If you want results, go to Joyce. You won’t regret it.


· 09/03/19 · Career Coaching

Joyce was very compassionate and encouraging during our session and made sure we focused on what was most important to me. She provided both tangible actions I could take as well as ways to boost my confidence going in to my upcoming interviews. We covered a lot in 30 minutes!

Kevin Shen

· 08/30/19 · Subscriber

Joyce has been instrumental in my last few interview opportunities. She's tapped into her extensive network to help get my application in front of recruiters and hiring managers. She's been there every step of the way on the job search with actionable advice and positive energy.

Paula Bravo

· 08/29/19 · Coaching Intro

Wonderful and productive interview. I appreciated the fact that Joyce is not only a great listener but has the knowledge and understanding of the industry I'm involved. I felt our conversation was meaningful where at the end we both knew which direction we could already get started with. I'm excited and look forward to working with Joyce.


· 08/29/19 · Subscriber

Joyce had a clear onboarding plan. She asked a lot of pointed questions, and she listened to my responses.


· 08/23/19 · Subscriber

Joyce is a great coach. She is caring and thoughtful and I feel much more confident in my job search with her guidance. She gave me great advice in our first two calls and I look forward to working with her more as I move into the next chapter of my career.

Kevin Shen

· 08/22/19 · Subscriber

Joyce has been a calming and encouraging motivator in my job search. I have never used a career coach before, but Joyce made the process seamless. She's a great listener and highly insightful. I would 100% recommend Joyce to anyone on the job hunt.

Thao Pham

· 08/22/19 · Subscriber

If you are looking for a boost of confidence, Joyce is the right coach for you. She's determined to help you define what you love doing even when your background is a combo of one too many different jobs/ positions. I picked Joyce as my coach since she has an impressive Sales background that can definitely help me highlight my strength, background, ultimately, build my brand to sell myself either finding a new position or selling my vision, talent at current job.

Marius Chawa

· 08/21/19 · Coaching Intro

This was my first time ever utilizing a career coach before. I didn't know what to expect at all. But my intro call with Joyce went so well, it felt like we had a 2 hour session. Joyce is an awesome coach who went above and beyond to guide me through in just 15mins. She listens and cares very much about her clients. I would highly recommend her.

Mirari Jacobson

· 08/16/19 · Coaching Intro

Joyce offers me tactical advice that I am always able to apply immediately! I am beyond grateful to have her support. She is smart, thoughtful, and approachable. Work with Joyce if you want to take your career to the next level.


· 08/15/19 · Coaching Intro

Fantastic! Joyce is incredibly helpful and easy to talk to. She had great insights and set me on a good, clear path.

Lindsay Kindem

· 08/14/19 · Subscriber

It is clear that Joyce has a special gift for supporting and guiding others through their career journey. She has exceeded my expectations thus far and I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from her.

Jessica Karr

· 08/08/19 · Coaching Intro

Joyce is helpful in asking the right questions to gain clarity. We reflected on how to prioritize financial stability, lifestyle, and learning/growing and what kind of role that could look like. She provided clear next steps and I'd be very happy to continue working with her.

Alexis Christina

· 08/07/19 · Coaching Intro

Joyce was great! I come from a sales and marketing background. Even if I feel I know what to do, as a sole business owner, you wear many hats and so it’s nice to have someone help you prioritize, keep you focused and energized. Joyce did just that. She offered outside perspective and encouragement that I was needing. She was persistent in identifying needs and priorities and offered clear action steps for movement and follow up items. She also went the extra mile in offering to review current outreach to see if I could increase my conversions ratios. I’m looking to spread wellness in the corporate sphere, and Joyce made me feel very supported! We were able to accomplish a lot just in our consultation. Looking forward to continuing to work with one another!


· 08/06/19 · Coaching Intro

Joyce was excellent at providing insight and guidance on my search for executive marketing roles. She gave great feedback on my approach and worked with me on an action plan for my career search. Highly recommend Joyce for executive coaching, especially during transitions.

Geri Tuch

· 08/05/19 · Coaching Intro

Joyce and I had such a great coaching session. She asked me insightful questions that I had never considered asking myself. We also came up with a good plan for next steps for my potential career change. She also gave me the emotional support I needed when I described why I wanted a career change. I highly recommend her as a career coach.

Justina Wu

· 08/04/19 · Coaching Intro

Joyce listened carefully to what I was looking for and suggested various strategies to meet my needs. She translates her sales experience into tools you can use to confidently present your best self in your career search.