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Lubna Takruri

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Lubna is a career and personal development coach bridging a professional TV journalism and communications career with a background in yoga, mindfulness and Eastern wisdom to offer clients a variety of tools.

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Lubna is a career and personal development coach who helps professionals know themselves to get through blocks and move toward their authentic goals. She brings a decade of professional experience as a journalist and communications trainer together with a deep interest in yoga, psychology and Eastern wisdom.

Lubna is an expert at asking the right questions to help clients get clear on their goals and strengths. Working with Lubna, clients can expect a structured and methodical approach to their goals, identifying tasks to take them forward, and any blocks that may holding them back. She offers clients tools to get through their blocks and find balance, confidence and ease in their personal and professional lives.

Lubna has been coaching and teaching workshops since 2011, and also teaches the Enneagram, a profound psycho-spiritual personality system for self knowledge and growth.

She has been a producer and reporter for major news outlets such as CNBC and The Associated Press, and has taught executive presentation and media training workshops to directors around the globe.


Ouma caldwell

· 02/20/20 · Resume Rewrite

Was really please with Lubna's session highly recommend her.

Ketan Anjaria

· 01/28/20 · Subscriber

I’m not sure how I would maintain my sanity without my coach. Having a soundingboard helps me plan and execute as a CEO

Ketan Anjaria

· 01/07/20 · Subscriber

Why don’t I do these more often? It’s so good to get Lubna’s calm perspective on the issues I go through as a founder.

Ketan Anjaria

· 12/09/19 · Subscriber

Often I get overwhelmed with all the stuff I have cover as CEO. Lubna is great at breaking down larger problems into smaller achievable goals.

Ketan Anjaria

· 10/30/19 · Subscriber

Turning issues into actionable process is huge. Lubna has been awesome in both listening to what I'm going through and making sure it turns into actions that I can repeat for success.

Micah Baldwin

· 10/25/19 · LinkedIn Rewrite

Was very good at extracting out what I needed and what were the best pieces of my work history to highlight, and then did just that — highlighted them perfectly!

Kyla Conley

· 10/23/19 · Resume Review

Lubna was so great to work with! She came into the meeting with suggestions (preperation!!!) and we discussed roles I'm interested in. Fantastic feedback. Thank you :)


· 04/17/19 · LinkedIn Rewrite

Lubna did an amazing job in helping to fine tune my LinkedIn to help me with my career transition. Very collaborative, attentive, and insightful. I have no problem recommending her to others!

Katie Holman O'Neill

· 04/11/19 · Resume Rewrite

I had a great experience with Lubna. She responded to my sense of urgency and we made some pretty drastic copy and format changes to my resume with three batches of edits inside a week (which was much appreciated!) We had a really iterative, collaborative process and I feel like my resume retains my voice and is true to my (diverse!) background, but I didn't have to do the hard work of overhauling it. I would absolutely recommend her and plan to use her again!

Charles Costa

· 04/10/19 · Resume Rewrite

Lubna did an amazing job with creating a resume to help me transition from marketing into data analysis/science. Throrough with her work, collaborative, and also very attentive. I highly recommend Lubna, and will keep her at the top of my list for future resume needs.

Mandar Parikh

· 04/03/19 · Resume Review

Excellent feedback. Very actionable.