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Alexandria Scobee

Do you want to be an effective communicator who creates intentional relationships? A leader who creates psychological safety & effective teams? I can help you increase your confidence as a leader, shift your mindset towards growth, and get unstuck.


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About Alexandria Scobee

We have been coming to our jobs in survival mode for far too long and it’s time to address the toxic work cultures and bring our true, authentic genius to our careers.

I’ve always believed a healthy team is the strongest indicator of engagement and long-term success. To have a healthy team there must be cohesive leadership, open communication, and clarity of vision. My years as a counselor taught me about the how and why of humans and shaped the way I approach leadership. The opportunities to run teams in restaurants and in tech created a unique mix of experiences that taught me leadership starts within, success starts with your team, and everyone brings value.

When I first came into leadership 15 years ago, I knew that the traditional roles and ideas were no longer working, that workplaces were in serious need of a more human-centered leadership paradigm. As you can imagine, not many agreed with me. I was told I shouldn’t, in fact, couldn’t be the kind of leader that I knew I was. However, the very same people that had doubted me found themselves having strained relationships with their teams and dealing with constant staffing issues, something that was never a struggle for me.

I work with co-founders, executives, teams, and individuals to develop the communication and relationship skills that will make better leaders, breaking down the barriers between you and the personal and professional goals you’ve been striving for.

Do you feel frozen and can’t seem to decide what comes next?Is there a divide between where you are now and where you want to be? Do you feel like something is missing from your life? If you can commit to the work it takes to find that missing piece and conquer the divide, I can give you the tools and the confidence you need to break through the obstacles that are blocking your path.

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star 5.0 · 3 Reviews · 15 Bookings

Alexandria eased my anxiety of new social situations by asking me questions and talking though reasons why I was meeting with her. She gave me very actionable and positive steps to take to move forward and become more focused on my goals. Highly recommend!

star star star star star Oct 5, 2022
Coached By Alexandria Scobee

Clarifying conversation covering both the big picture and some small details of my job search. Thanks Alexandria!

star star star star star Jun 24, 2022
Coached By Alexandria Scobee

In our intro session, it struck me that Alexandria is a grounded, focused, and clear communicator. I especially appreciate her background as a therapist, a technologist, and a career changer -- I feel this gives her a helpful and holistic perspective on how to move me toward my goals.

star star star star star Jun 14, 2022
Coached By Alexandria Scobee