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I am a former Product Mgmt Director in tech who now coaches leaders and individuals to grow their career in the world technology. I am action oriented with a focus on helping individuals grow their leadership skills to accelerate their career.

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I am a product management career and leadership coach. I have over 15+ years in high tech in various roles within the product management organization. My focus is helping product managers grow their careers and love what they do. I support product managers in building both confidence and leadership skills to tackle the challenges of being a product manager while also increasing influence and earning a seat at the product strategy table.

I have been a working-mom for years who balanced a career while raising children. I am also a cancer survivor. I am firm believer that we all deserve to have an awesome life and love what we do.

I believe that everyone brings strengths to the table and it's just a matter of how we all use our strengths that drives our career path.


Ryan Booth

· 01/09/20 · Pro Plan

Great as always speaking with Lynne; pointed advice, on topic, clear action items.

Sara Henderson

· 12/22/19 · Pro Plan

As always Lynn gives excellent advice and feedback, makes fantastic suggestions, doesn’t just talk but actually participates. I wish you to run around when I was working on this 20 years ago. I’m happy to have her on my team now!

Sara Henderson

· 12/11/19 · Pro Plan

Every call with Lynne teaches me something new and inspires and energizes me. Between her wisdom, guidance, ideas, and path building I feel like I am on the exact right track for the future I want.

Kelsey Krach

· 12/05/19 · Ultimate Plan

Lynne is awesome - super compassionate and gets to the point, but in an empathetic way. She's given me some very helpful tips and prompts for reflection outside of calls so that I can better envision my future. She's very easy to talk to and encouraging. Just in 1 session, I felt my approach to job searching turn around.

Sara Henderson

· 12/04/19 · Pro Plan

Lynne is fantastic. She offers great insights, is direct, and has suggestions that can be quickly acted upon. I finally feel I have a direction and a plan to get there.


· 12/04/19 · Coaching Intro

Lynne was attentive, positive, and had a clear path to the next step. I am very happy so far with the process and the free consultation. I'm excited to see what comes after this.


· 10/29/19 · Mock Interview

Lynne is a great coach! I had a one-hour coaching session with her to prepare for the product management interview and found it very helpful. Lynne was full of great advice and made me feel more confident in my skills. Highly recommend!