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Charmaine Lacsina

I am a current founder and coach who has previously worked at high-performing startups as a product manager, leader, and operator. I have an action-orientated coaching style and can help you successfully navigate a satisfying career.


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About Charmaine Lacsina

Hi, I'm Charmaine.

I'm a founder who has experience working in the startup industry in SF and NY. I have coached over 100+ professionals and leaders to build a satisfying career in tech.

** What I can help you with: **

*I can help you transition to the job you want based on your skills and purpose * The job search process is hard! I have a deep understanding of the digital economy and can help you navigate potential roles based on your skills. I have worked as a founding team member and hiring manager managing teams of 5 - 200 people. I can help you navigate blind spots in your job discovery process and help you find a more fulfilling job.

** I can help you build a compelling story for interviews ** The interview process can be exhausting without having a clear narrative. As a former manager and product management instructor, I can help you build a framework to answer any interview question by sharing a compelling and a clear story .

*I can help you regain your professional energy after burnout * I have spent a year deeply researching burnout in organizations/teams and through my own survived lived experience. We can work together in navigating your energy/purpose and build a ritual that helps you regain mental clarity and balance to transition out of burnout and into a life you want.

** I can help you navigate workplace issues and get promoted ** I have worked with organizations to help create high-performing inclusive teams through the lens of organization design and strategy. If you need help through a workplace issue - improve a relationship with your manager, team member, or leader - we can work together in building a plan and framework to amplify your purpose, untangle challenges, and level-up your role.

*What's next? * My coaching style is focused on empathy, truth, and action. As your coach, your success is my success. My goal is to help you achieve your goals, unblock your challenges, and help you manifest a fulfilling life. I'm here to listen and guide you through the big and small tasks to reach your goals.

*If any of the above sounds interesting, I'd love to work with you. *

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star 5.0 · 7 Reviews · 43 Bookings

Loved that she has a good template to coaching regardless of what industry you're in. Worked out my major issues off the bat within the first 15 mins of meeting and will definitely continue with her to iron out others!

star star star star star Dec 1, 2021
Coached By Charmaine Lacsina

Charmaine's coaching is elaborate and helpful. She has extensive experiences that can answer your career concerns and I would recommend anyone that is unsure which coach to pick. She will help you break things down and try to provide you with all the different resources you might need.

star star star star star Sep 23, 2021
Coached By Charmaine Lacsina

Charmaine's help and guidance were great - not only did she give specific feedback on the resume, she also helped me think through what desires I had in my next role to match specific openings.

star star star star star Sep 22, 2021
Coached By Charmaine Lacsina

Another excellent session! Grateful for the careful thought Charmaine put into the questions.

star star star star star Jun 28, 2021
Coached By Charmaine Lacsina

Charmaine gave the mock a lot of thought prior to our time together. She asked thought-provoking questions related to the role, and provided clear feedback on the "why" behind answers for different types of questions. Great use of time!

star star star star star Jun 26, 2021
Coached By Charmaine Lacsina

My first call with Charmaine went well. She took the time to listen, answered my questions, and gave me practical first steps. She emphasized "building psychological self-trust" throughout the job search process, and that really resonated with me. I'm looking forward to continuing our sessions.

star star star star star May 12, 2021
Coached By Charmaine Lacsina

I had an initial 15 minute meeting with Charmaine. I thought she was a great listener and flexible to my needs. I appreciated her entrepreneurial background and can see myself working with her once I prioritize my next steps. I would recommend reaching out to her to see if she can help you in your career needs.

star star star star star Mar 12, 2021
Coached By Charmaine Lacsina