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10+ year company operator in startups to large companies . I've interviewed 100s of people, great at creating systems, and making you laugh.

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I have made three career transitions (Engineer —> BD —> Product), interviewed 100s and hired many, founded a company (<5 people) to leading product at a Fortune 500 (>20K people), advised startups, helped negotiate salary and equity compensation for too many to count and personally navigated the job market after a long personal sabbatical. Lastly, I truly enjoy helping others and that makes it hard replicate what I do. Let's solve your challenges together. I'm ready!



· 03/05/20 · Subscriber

What a great call! The purpose of my call was to update Aman with my current status, and get advice on how to answer the following questions in an interview better -- "Tell me about a technical accomplishment on the job you're proud of" and "Tell me about a time there was a conflict on your team." He had a great way of framing how to think about answering these questions -- what's in the mind of the interviewers, and how to tell the story to address what the interviewers are looking for. He helped me revamp my stories to have much more value-add, and better engage with what interviewers are looking for. He walks through things step-by-step and with ease translates my experiences into high quality answers. He clearly listens to me and is able to make me feel heard, while at the same time teaching me how I can elevate myself in an interview. All the stars!


· 02/02/20 · Subscriber

Aman does it again! He was able to take my excitement for a company, and teach me how I can use it to create criteria to search for other companies I could be interested in. He addressed all my questions, answering some before I even asked them. Aman listens well, is able to understand where you are, and take you to where you want to go, even when you don't see the path yourself.

Sean O'Neill

· 11/14/19 · Subscriber

Aman really helped provide an excellent framework for us to continue to explore. He helped me identify the areas and goals I want to work towards and broke them down into specific actions. I appreciated his approach and our call left me excited to explore working towards archiving those goals with his help.


· 11/08/19 · Subscriber

6/5 stars! I wish I could rate like that! I started the call with a list of goals that I wanted to achieve on the call, as well as a list of emotions that I emailed ahead of time (eg imposter syndrome) that I was navigating. Aman has an uncanny ability to take my words (he so clearly listens to everything I'm saying on ALL my calls) and repackage them in a nuanced way that I haven't yet considered/ been able to unlock. Aman gave me *extremely* tactical advice for handling a job offer call. He used my words and my stories against my imposter syndrome to build back up my confidence. He so clearly cares, listens, and is able to give really great feedback and advice.

Katie Holman O'Neill

· 10/31/19 · Subscriber

Aman continues to be an awesome coach for me. He really meets me where I am but keeps pushing me forward with my long-term best interests in mind. I really value this relationship!


· 10/30/19 · Subscriber

Great feedback and prep tips in the lead-up to my onsite interview.

Luke Waring

· 10/23/19 · Subscriber

I had a great experience working with Aman. He helped me think through my job search process and take concrete action to move things forward. Aman has a ton of experience in the tech industry, especially with startups, and I found that to be very valuable as someone looking to make a career switch into tech. Ultimately, I decided that I needed to get some more education (a coding bootcamp) under my belt before applying to my target roles, but I look forward to working with Aman again in the future.

Kaveh Azimi

· 10/19/19 · Subscriber

Did a mock interview session with Aman. It was very helpful. He asked creative questions, pushed and probed with follow ups, and gave actionable feedback.

Vera Glavova

· 10/03/19 · Coaching Intro

Aman was great and very helpful. Also, quite of an impressive and versatile background. I would recommend him. He provided clear vision and expectations. I would certainly work with him in the future and once I get a bit more ahead with my own vision. Thank you Aman!

Aamna Khan

· 09/05/19 · Coaching Intro

Aman was incredibly helpful and knowledgable as I tried to navigate through the career switch process. He has a wealth of connections that he generously offered to connect me to. He was super available to help at any time!

Danish Ahmed

· 09/02/19 · Coaching Intro

I had a great call with Aman. He was extremely helpful in talking through my specific circumstance. He went well over the 15min allotted. I got the sense from our call that he's genuinely interested in helping his clients navigate their career path. I will work with Aman again!


· 08/29/19 · Subscriber

It was great getting feedback from Aman, which was very actionable and helped me structure my thoughts and answers for upcoming interviews. During a practice run during our call, I was able to notice areas where I could improve over my past performance. He also gave me some really great general feedback on job-hunting and also great general strategies to approach interview questions. Definitely made me feel a lot more confident and helped to calm my nerves!


· 08/25/19 · Coaching Intro

It was great talking with Aman and getting his insights on my situation as well as his recommendations.

Juliane Jennings

· 07/30/19 · Coaching Intro

I had a good conversation with Aman. He was able to understand my needs. He brought me good insights for my searching. I liked how he goes directly to the point. I am excited to start the coaching with him!


· 07/24/19 · Subscriber

Aman was really helpful in figuring out the root cause of my rejection in interviews. We're able to identify the strategies moving forward from just the initial call. He was able to relate to how I feel by telling me stories of his other clients (obviously without naming them!) and how the rejection thing is pretty common. Looking forward to working with him.

Katie Holman O'Neill

· 07/15/19 · Subscriber

Aman did a stellar job of coaching me for an onsite ops interview at a big food delivery company. He gave me a lot of feedback on my preparation and slides, nudging me towards an end result based on my time, energy, and abilities. He provided context, answered questions, listened to me when I was discouraged, and made very genuine comments to pump me up. I think his style is great and that his input was really valuable.

Katie Holman O'Neill

· 07/07/19 · Coaching Intro

I had a great intro call with Aman and am excited to work with him on interview prep. I felt he was able to very clearly understand my needs + get me pumped, and I look forward to our next call!

Vinay Melwani

· 07/04/19 · Subscriber

Can't say enough good things about my experience with Aman. Not only did he lay out a clear strategy for my job search, but also provided me with specific and tactical frameworks on how to asses each potential opportunity. Before hopping on a call, we fleshed out open questions and scenarios together on a shared document making our call extremely productive. We walked through all possible paths forward and made tradeoffs together. We reviewed the specific questions that I was hoping to draft responses for and talked through my negotiation strategy. Looking forward to out monthly check in calls and would highly recommend him to anyone going through the job/interview process.

Dhruv Gupta

· 06/25/19 · Coaching Intro

Had a great chat with Aman. He understood my background and patiently listened to what I am looking for. He also suggested another coach, as he thought he/she might be more helpful.


· 06/25/19 · Subscriber

WOW! Aman is an amazing coach. He's given me helpful assignments to think through what I'm looking for. Moreover, he so clearly has looked at what I submitted, as he internalized what I said and was able to rephrase my thoughts into succinct statements. He makes me feel extremely heard and understood. The call totally and completely energized me as it made me excited for the job hunt. He was able to parse through attributes of what I want in a job, and return to me jobs that I've never heard of that sound extremely appealing. I feel he is invested in me and my success. Aman is a great coach, highly recommend.


· 06/24/19 · Coaching Intro

I had a very good conversation with Aman, although it was just 15 minutes yet Aman tried explaining everything in details and provided very helpful feedback.

Kalie Garcia David

· 06/24/19 · Subscriber

My coaching and resume review session with Aman was nothing short of phenomenal. He's an incredible listener and coach and he really took the time to get to know me as a person, my work history and craft a more focused job search strategy in a few short sessions. His approach to reviewing resumes is pure genius and I can't thank him enough for not just giving me the tools to update a resume but for helping me remember all of my great work and helping me frame my experience in terms of metrics. I can't recommend him enough and look forward to continuing our work together.

Mariam Razzaghi

· 06/24/19 · Coaching Intro

Aman's drive to helping the #whole person comes with extensive experience in companies and professionals. He has a magnificent way of exploring and understanding the individual (i.e. problems you're facing) and effortlessly digs into the complexities of companies and hiring. If you're looking for someone that is willing to go above and beyond for you --Aman is it!

Kevin Tang

· 06/24/19 · Coaching Intro

Aman is an amazing coach! He is responsive, direct, and very knowledgeable! His diverse background in engineering and product management helped me navigate my next career move. I would recommend Aman as a coach if you are looking for your next career move. He goes above and beyond to make sure that you are getting everything you need from hireclub! I would definitely keep in touch with Aman for he will always be a great coach and mentor to me !