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Kim Bielak

I specialize in helping high-achieving professionals find more joy, purpose and impact in their careers by making change or taking them to the next level. Gain clarity, boost your confidence, and build momentum toward the career you were meant for.

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About Kim Bielak

Get out of autopilot.

For many of us, we’re here because of some unique combination of all the big and little choices we made over time. But equally important are the choices we didn’t make. The path we continued to follow because we thought made sense at the time. The promotions we continued to pursue without stepping back to ask if we were still climbing the right ladder. The fear of trying something that might make us feel vulnerable or might not work out.

But at a certain point you find yourself wanting more. Knowing you’re capable of more. Meant to do more.

If this sounds like you, you’re exactly where you were meant to be and from here you have two choices: You can continue to let life happen to you. Or, you can get out of autopilot and build a career you love.

Through coaching, we’ll explore the core strengths and deeper “why” that drive you, create a concrete plan to get to who/where you want to be, and supercharge the momentum you need to finally follow through.

Your career is not your whole life, but it is a pretty damn big part of it. If you’re not doing what lights you up, it’s time to get unstuck and finally make the change that's been calling you.

Sample Offerings:

Career change

  • Gain clarity by understanding the core values and strengths integral to your purpose and how to translate them into your next direction.
  • Overcome the fear and limiting beliefs holding you back from finally taking the leap to pursue work you truly love.
  • Create an action plan and find the accountability you need to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be.

Executive & leadership coaching

  • Find your authentic leadership style. Lead confidently and consciously by leveraging your unique strengths, perspective, and personal brand.
  • Understand the patterns underlying your most common challenges. Uncover and address the biggest blocks, blindspots and areas of development currently inhibiting you from reaching your fullest potential and impact.
  • Learn to constructively manage and use conflict, effectively communicate and influence, and find an objective thought partner to help you work through roadblocks and difficult decisions.

Job search

  • Perfect your personal story and make an impression in a way that's undeniably authentic to you
  • Learn best practices for writing a resume, networking, interviewing and more
  • Boost and maintain your natural confidence throughout interviews, salary negotiations, and final offers. Stop settling for less than what you really want.
  • Get organized with your application game plan and have ongoing accountability to keep your momentum and your confidence strong.

Career management

  • Create boundaries to combat burnout and create a work-life balance that allows you to find more joy and less stress and resentment in the work you currently do.
  • Increase your energy, engagement and motivation by understanding using your strengths and optimizing toward the work that lights you up.
  • Be intentional about how you manage your career long-term through ongoing experience, networking and negotiation toward your next promotion and dream career goals.
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Career Changers New Grads Entry Level Creatives Executives Managers Veterans LGBTQ POC Immigrants Developers Product Management Founders
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Work/Life Balance Confidence Return to Work Networking Resumes Leadership Mock Interviews Relocation Salary Negotiation Business Growth
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star 5.0 · 7 Reviews · 19 Bookings

Kim was great to speak to and very encouraging. She seemed familiar with the types of challenges I am facing in my career and was very positive about finding ways to overcome them.

star star star star star Jul 13, 2021
Coached By Kim Bielak

I am so glad I took the leap and signed up for coaching. We are only one call (plus the orientation) in but I'm already feeling better about the future. Kim is insightful and her enthusiasm about the process is contagious! Can't wait to see what we come up with.

star star star star star May 19, 2021
Coached By Kim Bielak

In our very first official meeting and on short notice, Kim helped me process my thoughts on a potential promotion, and she is already helping me think about my career—and myself!—in a new way. I am looking forward to future sessions!

star star star star star Apr 14, 2021
Coached By Kim Bielak

Kim is a brilliant and empathetic coach. She is equally great at brainstorming career/life decisions while also getting into specifics of how to tackle challenges and roadblocks. I would recommend her to anyone who is navigating their career!

star star star star star Apr 7, 2021
Coached By Kim Bielak

Kim was helpful and encouraging in helping me prep for my upcoming interview!

star star star star star Feb 26, 2021
Coached By Kim Bielak

Kim provided me with incredibly helpful feedback during our call. She offered guidance on how to effectively relay my skill set and improve my resume and cover letter. I am looking forward to our next coaching call!

star star star star star Dec 9, 2020
Coached By Kim Bielak

I enjoyed talking with Kim today during our first 15 minute coaching call. I am looking forward to collaborating with her and coming up with a game plan during our next conversation.

star star star star star Nov 23, 2020
Coached By Kim Bielak