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Brandi Nicole Johnson is an award winning speaker, facilitator and coach. Prior to joining Red Hat as a Learning and Development Facilitator, Brandi climbed the ultimate career ladder in the nonprofit sector.

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Brandi Nicole Johnson is an award winning speaker, facilitator and coach. Currently, Brandi remains focused on her passion for developing the world's next generation of leaders and creating experiences that transform lives.

Prior to joining Red Hat as a Learning and Development Facilitator, Brandi climbed the ultimate career ladder in the nonprofit sector. She went from Intern to Executive Director in less than a decade and all before the age of 30. Brandi spent most of her career at the Center for Creative Leadership, a globally ranked, internationally known provider of leadership development, research, and executive education.

Brandi is the first person of color to lead StartingBloc's Board of Directors and a Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts. In 2005, Brandi was awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouting. Over the last 23 years, by either appointment or election, Brandi has served Girl Scouts in more than 10 leadership roles at national and local levels of the organization. In 2016, the Triad Business Journal named Brandi one of the Top 40 Leaders Under 40 and she was profiled by Made in Greensboro.

Brandi has degrees in Political Science and Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She loves consuming food that is life changing and asking provocative questions that inspire action.


Jeri Lim

· 07/07/20 · Mock Interview

Brandi was incredibly helpful- she shared a number of different suggestions about how I could be more strategic as I was preparing for a 3rd round job interview. I especially appreciated the fact that she was able to share insights that were specifically related to L&D, since I was scheduled to interview with a L&D software company and I’m interested in learning more about that space in general.


· 05/02/20 · Subscriber

She was on point! Brandi articulated my goals during our brief coaching intro and came up with an initial framework for achievement.


· 02/20/20 · Subscriber

Great listener, did a great job at distilling the crux of the issue and lowering my anxiety. Help me narrow down to a concrete strategy. Liked her prescriptive style, which helps me focus.

Priya Iyer

· 10/09/19 · Mock Interview

Brandi was so knowledgeable about the higher education space in which I was interviewing! She asked me very relevant questions, and gave me three takeaway pieces of feedback that allowed me to make small changes with a high impact for my interview. She's amazing and I'd highly recommend working with her.


· 05/07/19 · Resume Review

Brandi was very helpful in the process of finalizing my resume before I began applying for a new job. She caught a number of small mistakes that may have caused me to be screened out by applicant tracking software or disqualified by HR when doing quick reviews of applicants.


· 02/27/19 · Subscriber

Brandi's advice is always on point. She cuts through to what matters and what needs to be done with lightning speed. Really grateful for her willingness to help and availability.


· 02/24/19 · Subscriber

Brandi gave sound advice and was able to clarify for me what things I need to action and what to think about more, moving forward. Thank you.

Heather Minton

· 07/18/18 · Resume Review

Brandi packed a lot of valuable information in a short amount of time! I now feel I have a good framework to move forward with.


· 04/16/18 · Career Coaching

Brandi was incredibly helpful. She gave a great breakdown of a resume style that would be great for me and gave me manageable next steps for my situation. The session with her my first step in my job search and I feel great about moving forward.


· 04/05/18 · Career Coaching

Brandi helped me navigate complex hiring situations and was honest in her advice about what she thought was the best course. We differed on some choices, and her input was very helpful for a successful outcome.


· 03/16/18 · Career Coaching

Brandi dove right in and gave me so many great suggestions that I could barely take them all down as she spoke. She listened well and understood my situation as a woman of color working in the nonprofit sector. I felt so much better after talking with her - she cleared the way so I saw light at the end of the tunnel!