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Are you thrilled by new technology? Do you love hooking your friends up? Do you want to bring new opportunities to your university and your peers? Do your friends say you're a natural leader? If so, the Goodwall Campus Brand Activator position may be perfect for you!

You can find out more here - www.goodwalloncampus.com

Through the Campus Brand Activator Program, you become a liaison between Goodwall and your university. Activators introduce students to the Goodwall mobile app and act as a campus contact.

Goodwall Campus Brand Activator will:

Work closely with local Goodwall teams

Host and organize events to bring awareness about the Goodwall product and brand

Spread the word about competitions, training opportunities, scholarships and other events

Attend Goodwall events as a Goodwall representative

Help Goodwall to better understand your campus' culture

Build relationships on campus with faculty and student groups

Test products and features

Promote product use and new product launches to students

Be a source of knowledge for your university about Goodwall’s core offerings

Spread Goodwall goodwill to your fellow students

What are the qualifications?This opportunity is currently by invitation only and is open to students at university. Goodwall Campus Brand Activators must be:

Currently enrolled in a college or university in the Northeast United States

Pursuing a BA/BS or MS degree

Passionate about technology

Able to plan events and manage a budget

Actively involved in student life on campus

What is the time commitment?

6-9 hours per week for a two week period


Part Time Contract Internship
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