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Jeff Shaw

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Underground Cellar seeks a Customer Relationship Manager (San Francisco)

We're looking to strengthen the relationship with our customers by bringing on a support/sales manager to work out of our SF office. You would talk and communicate directly with our wine-loving customers and help them understand how our site works as well as help make wine suggestions for them. Your ultimate goal is to keep the customers happy and sell them more wine. Basic-level or higher of wine knowledge is preferred.

We are currently experiencing hyper-growth, and while right now we'll need you to dig in and get your hands dirty literally responding to customer emails and chatting with customers on the phone, your role has the ability to grow to managing a large team as our company continues to expand rapidly.

ABOUT UNDERGROUND CELLAR Underground Cellar is a 10-person VC-backed startup with headquarters in San Francisco. Launched in 2014, Underground Cellar has sold over 200,000 bottles of wine and racked up sales of $7 million.


Jason Randell This job would be a blast!


Lindsey Tague I assume this position has been filled?


Nan White-Wilson Is this position remote? Thanks!

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