FB Ads Marketing Skills Needed

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Azra Panjwani

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Are you experienced in running Facebook Ads? Frustrated at the state of our government? You can make a huge difference in this November's mid-term elections.

Tech for Campaigns matches talented marketers like you with progressive and centrist political campaigns across the United States. You can think of us as a digital marketing agency whose clients are all democratic candidates across the country. Powered by 7000+ tech volunteers and growing, we provide campaigns with access to best-in-class people and technology they typically wouldn’t get but need to win.

Most projects are about 5-7 weeks in length and require about 5-7 hours of commitment per week. You’ll have a kick-off with the campaign and the candidate you’re supporting to understand their needs, receive training materials to help you get up to speed on advertising for political campaigns, and work with your team to launch ad campaigns.

Deadline to raise your hand for a project is Oct 1


Part Time
Facebook Ads