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Ethan Gomes

Ethan Gomes Hiring

Office Manager ·Wavedash Games ·

Wavedash Games is seeking a skilled animator to shape the animation pipeline that brings our fighters to life. We are looking for someone with expertise working in a stylized aesthetic, creating dynamic attacks as well as iconic poses that help define the characters. As a full time senior animator on the team, you will work alongside art, design and engineering to create characters that look – and, more importantly, feel – great. Experience animating fighting games is a strong plus. REQUIREMENTS

Must Have

Shipped at least one AAA title as a senior animator. Minimum of 5 years experience working in the game industry. Senior level understanding of character creation pipeline in Maya, and unity's humanoid system. Fundamental understanding of the fighting game genre, and the animation requirements. Exceptional communication and coordination skills to work with a team spread across multiple time zones Passion for games; should proactively analyze competitive products for their strengths and challenges Enjoy working in a strong stylistic aesthetic. You love squash and stretch. You understand how to make a player "feel" an animation. You are a mentor and teacher. You make amazing animations, and you can articulate and show others how you did it.


Experience in Super Smash Bros. Understanding of rigging Experience giving feedback to outsourcers

This is an onsite, full time position. Relocation is available for the right candidate. BENEFITS

Health, medical and dental insurance Unlimited paid time off Relocation available for the right candidate.


Full Time
Animation Unity Game Design