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Looking For UI/UX Designers

Vibez·$20/hr - $30/hr·San Francisco, CA

Cihan Acar

Cihan Acar Hiring

Business Development ·

We are looking for a designer who could carry out all the design needs from logo to mobile applications.

As we are now establishing, the work range looks pretty broad, so we might have a long duration association.

For starters, the main pattern that we are agreed on using is Retro, utilizing neon-bright colors. The project that is gonna be undertaken is closely related with music, night life, etc.

Our office is located on Financial District in San Francisco. To be physically in the office is required, so working remotely is not an option.


Juniper Smith Sounds interesting, how do you apply?

UX Designer
Part Time Contract Internship
UI/UX UI Design Logo Design Mobile Apps
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