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Project Manager (PMP)

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Chirag Shah

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Requirements : The Project Manager shall provide day-to-day management of the related tasks in the Scope of Work (SOW). The Program Manager shall perform the following duties but not limited to:

· The Project Manager shall act as the single point of contact to the Client for service delivery, and be responsible for resource coordination, issues resolution, and issues escalation.

· The Project Manager may delegate some responsibilities to other qualified representatives; however, the Program Manager shall maintain the responsibility to be informed and accountable for all issue resolutions and management decisions.

· The Project Manager shall be responsive and attentive to the needs of the vendor and the Client . The Program Manager shall respond in a timely manner to all requests and issues raised by the Client .

· The Project Manager shall perform the required duties in an exemplary manner and contribute to a positive relationship with the Client and other stakeholders.

Qualifications: Five or more successful years of relevant program and project management experience involving service integration projects and programs of similar size and complexity. Project management Institute Project Management Professional certification is required.

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