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Ethan Gomes

Ethan Gomes Hiring

Office Manager ·Wavedash Games ·

We're looking for a Senior Gameplay Engineer with full stack development experience to join our rapidly growing team in Oakland. In this role, you should be able to work independently and with little supervision, acting as a force multiplier for the entire team through your excellent communication skills and technical abilities.

The ideal candidate is excited by the prospect of working with many different systems: game physics, character development, online play, social features, and UI/UX. You'll have the opportunity to touch every part of the project, and as a senior member of the team, to help everyone at the company achieve their goals.

About Wavedash Games

Wavedash Games is looking to grow esports into a much larger phenomenon than it already is by combining the best competitive practices of League of Legends with the much more easily understood, expressive and exciting-to-watch game design of Super Smash Bros.

The new venture-backed game publisher includes talent from Riot Games, Blizzard, EA, and Twitch, as well as the team behind the most successful console mod of all time. Their community-driven strategy, including frequent playtesting with the best players in the world, has already netted them an excited fan base ready for their upcoming title, slated to launch in early 2018. REQUIREMENTS

5+ years professional experience working in C#/C++ or Java Shipped at least three commercial games or collaborative independent game projects Experienced with building and/or maintaining entire game systems Strongly self-motivated – always looking to learn new skills, improve existing designs, deliver high-quality code, and voice opinions on the game as a whole Excellent communication skills – you will be working regularly with programmers, designers, modelers, animators, and more across multiple timezones Proactive – always looking for ways to help the extended team and project as a whole, and seeing initiatives through to completion Strong attention to detail – skilled at identifying edge cases, thoroughly reviewing and testing code, and identifying and tracking "found work" early Pluses

Experience working with Unity3D Experience working on personal projects Experience working on a realtime online multiplayer game Close familiarity with traditional fighting games (Street Fighter, Skullgirls) and/or platform fighting games (Super Smash Bros, Brawlhalla, Rivals of Aether) Computer science or related degree BENEFITS

Health, Vision and Dental Insurance Unlimited PTO policy


Full Time
Unity Systems Engineering Network Engineering