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Mobile Developer ·Pillsy ·

We're hiring an experienced full stack software engineer who is looking for a new challenge at a fast-growing, digital health startup.

Join us on a mission to solve one of the most difficult problems in healthcare - people forget to take their pills.

You’ll have a direct impact on the Pillsy platform and will be quickly given ownership of a large part of our codebase.

Your work will be critical in maintaining and developing new webservices within our HIPAA-compliant backend. You'll also be building user-facing web applications, and helping to manage 3rd party healthcare integrations.

IMPORTANT: You must have experience working on an agile software team that has developed and shipped software to users. You must have experience writing test cases, reviewing code, managing releases, tracking bugs, and maintaining production deployments.

Here is what an ideal candidate looks like to us:

~~ Fast Learner ~~

○ We are looking for software engineers who thrive when faced with difficult projects and/or short development cycles. ○ You'll be expected to have advanced knowledge of JavaScript, Node.js, and various web frameworks, but you'll have to learn a lot more in order to become an effective contributor to our codebase. ○ You’ve been challenged in the past and you've proven that you’re capable of learning quickly and catching your own mistakes.

~~ Fearlessness ~~

○ You strive to prove that speed and quality can have no conflict. ○ You don't shy away from difficult problems or limited resources.

~~ Strong Technical Skills ~~

○ You should enjoy writing code, but you really strive for quality and maintainability. ○ You have a technical opinion that has been formed as a result of research and experience, but you're constantly challenging your own thinking. ○ You pay attention to the trends, but your focus is on the most practical technologies for the task at hand.

~~ Startup Culture ~~

○ You must be a team player who is comfortable taking initiative and speaking up if you see a better way to solve a problem. ○ You're a self-starter and will not require oversight when given a goal. ○ Working on a small (~5 person) development team is appealing to you. ○ You're excited about company stock options and fast growth.

~~ Focused On Users ~~

○ At Pillsy, we all wear various hats, but one common quality we all possess is a dedication to the needs of the user. ○ You must understand requirements beyond the written word. ○ Whatever you work on, you should bring an attention to detail with the end goal of producing customer satisfaction.

~~ Education and Experience ~~

○ Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering, or other relevant discipline. ○ In lieu of a formal “degreed” education, an equivalent combination of experience would meet this requirement. ○ A minimum of 2 years of professional experience building scalable web applications - classroom projects need not be listed.

~~ Up For A Challenge ~~

○ You may work on APIs today and web front end tomorrow. After that you may be managing a large MongoDB instance or improving our continuous integration and deployment process. ○ You are OK taking on new challenges even if they're outside of your core experience. ○ You’re excited about solving problems and building an amazing product.

TO APPLY, please send an email to jobs@pillsy.com with a short cover letter and link to your resume or portfolio.

No recruiters, please.


Full Stack Developer
Full Time
Javascript NodeJS MongoDB HTML/CSS Angular React

Pillsy is a connected pill container platform and mobile app that makes it easier to manage your medications.