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Anessa Fike

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We help thousands of customers better engage their personal network to grow their businesses and add about 400-500 new customers every month -- both SMB and enterprise. Our Customer Success and Support teams are laser-focused on helping all our new and existing customers maximize their success with Contactually.

We’re looking for a VP of Customer Success and Support to lead these teams. Your #1 goal will be to grow our mid-market enterprise-level customer base while also continuing to build the systems and processes -- and effectively manage the team -- to maximize retention of our accounts, and help the company continue to grow rapidly.

What you’ll be responsible for:

*Driving enterprise customer expansion as well as higher product usage with our customers. * You’ll work closely with our Customer Success Managers to 1) build relationships with key decision makers at large enterprise customers to drive expansion and renewals and 2) analyze customer usage data to identify those levers that are critical to driving greater initial adoption and long-term use of Contactually.

*Driving higher retention (i.e. lower churn). * With higher product usage, we believe retention will naturally increase. However, there are additional tactics and processes we can implement and improve to further increase retention. You’ll be responsible for identifying the major drivers of churn, thereafter prioritizing and implementing these changes and experiments.

Ensuring we engage with the right customers at the right time. Our CS and Support teams are the biggest advocates for our customers and need to be regularly speaking with them. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the right reps are speaking with the right customers at the right time.

Constantly improving the scalable systems and processes to drive usage and retention. You’ll be responsible for rolling out new initiatives, while seeking to improve what’s already in place, including webinars, in-app messaging, and email marketing.

*Building an amazing, high-performance team and culture. *We pride ourselves on fostering a great company culture. Leading the CS+S team, you'll be tasked with fostering a high-performance group of individuals In order to be successful, it’s critical that each person on the team knows what success looks like in their role, and what their top priorities are. You will be their coach and mentor to ensure they have everything they need to succeed, and we’re all rowing in the right direction.


  • You have experience managing a customer-facing team in a high-growth SaaS startup, focusing on mid-market and enterprise customers.
  • You’ve been a people manager for 7+ years. Your previous teams love you.
  • You have excellent analytical skills. You’re very comfortable rolling up your sleeves to dig through Excel sheets and build Salesforce reports to solve problems.
  • You’re very process-driven and focused on experimentation/iteration.
  • You love thinking creatively about how to wow our customers!

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