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With $1MM plus in seed funding, Lendsnap is ready to bring on a Vice President of Engineering (VPE) to help guide, build, implement, and integrate the Lendsnap platform and tools for the first phase of market penetration. The VPE should have hands-on and strategic experience at the startup level and preferably from the fintech space. The candidate should understand the engineering team is a lean and young team and should seek to building engineering and development operations up to their high standards while partnering with the CEO and COO for the overall growth of Lendsnap. Ideally this position is to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area but we are open to ideas.

Essential Functions

This role is responsible for all aspects of the technology platform, architecture, application development, testing and mission critical deployments, and general tech operations.

  • Ability to translate the product strategy and feature roadmap into an engineering implementation plan and drive the execution of the roadmap.
  • Institute the latest engineering processes and procedures to ensure development and testing to meet design specifications and requirements, delivered as PRD’s or lo-fi mockups.
  • Lead by example and provide both thought leadership and execution excellence to a multi-disciplinary development team.
  • Continuously assess existing software, infrastructure and potential partner capabilities.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 8 years of related working experience, preferably some of it in fintech
  • Strong coding experience in open source coding technologies, including React, Angular, Python, Node.Js, Express.
  • Detailed understanding and experience with platforms and tools such as Firebase, Mongolab, Optimizely, Twilio, Stripe, Heroku, bootstrap, django, nginx, RESTful APIs.
  • Experience in iOS and Android mobile application development.
  • Prior engagement with leading cloud platforms, including Amazon AWS, Salesforce, Azure.
  • Strong knowledge in big data, e.g. R, Hadoop and Apache Spark.
  • Track record of operating independently and demonstrating creativity, pragmatism, orientation to details, and an exceptional ability to deliver results in a highly disciplined manner.
  • Solid experience in fostering seamless cross-functional working relationships in small to medium organizations.
  • Excellent communication skills with senior executives.
  • Brownie points for knowledge of mortgage, lending, capital markets or other financial service industries.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and a high-volume workload with a strong sense of urgency and results orientation.
  • Unquestionable business and personal integrity and ethical standards.


  • 5 years experience with full-stack web application development and management
  • 5 years experience with early (5 employees) to mid-stage startup companies.
  • Hands-on experience coding in more than one currently popular web application framework.
  • Familiar with more than one software development methodology.
  • Ability to discern user requirements and develop specifications.
  • Experience with open source projects and tools.
  • Knowledge of web standards.
  • Experience with UNIX system administration and web server configuration.
  • Knowledge of Internet protocols and RFC standards, database management systems, and revision control systems.


  • Collaborate with a UX Designer and potential customers to prepare wireframes or mockups of a prototype of the company’s web application.
  • Source, hire, and manage staff and vendors to implement and design web and mobile digital engagement solutions.
  • Previous implementation of governance process and security plan that meet government, partner, and company requirements for customer information security and data privacy, including SOC1, SOC2, SSAE16, PCI DSS, AT801.
  • Familiarity with technical requirements of Internet marketing and search engine optimization.
  • Familiarity with information security vulnerabilities and risk management.
  • Familiarity with consumer privacy and payments industry compliance requirements.
  • Exposure to business theory, business process development, governance processes, management, budgeting, and administrative operations.

DM me or email: lendsnap-vpe@lendsnap.com


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