VP of Engineering

leapcure·$80k - $130k·Los Angeles, CA

Kyle Eaton

Kyle Eaton Hiring

UX Designer ·leapcure ·

Leapcure (500 Startups B18 grad) is a patient centricity company focused on improving clinical research quality. With the most powerful network of patient advocates, we match hundreds of the most engaged patient advocacy groups to clinical trials. We move fast -“it’s healthcare” doesn’t slow us down. Our culture and communication is open. Our hunger and passion for making more clinical research feasible is unmistakable. We make a difference in cancer research and precision medicine. Leapcure is already the top patient marketing agency for the largest Contract Research Organizations. We’re looking for an engineer to lead and build novel game changing technology in the clinical research space.

  • High level skillset to include: 
DevOps: Linux (Centos 7), Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Travis) 
  • Full-Stack JavaScript: Jasmine/Karma, AngularJS, Node, Express 
  • Database: No-SQL (MongoDB), Relational (MySQL)

Experiences include:

  • Leading, managing and mentoring developers
  • Working with remote teams
  • Building a great relationship with product managers
  • Different development processes and ability to choose an effective process for a given situation
  • Managing and contributing to product management software such as Github and Pivotal 

Full Stack Developer
Full Time
Linux Javascript JavaScript Frameworks MySQL Node Express NoSQL GitHub Software Asset Management

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