Kelly Strodl

Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm looking to connect with other professionals in the community who have experience in the digital marketing / content marketing realm. I moved here from San Francisco a year ago and making contacts has been more difficult than it would seem.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing ideas, hopefully some networking and the like. Feel free to connect with me on social channels - @kelly4nia everywhere except LinkedIn (/kellystrodl) :)

Hana - I am happy to help plan and attend in London. Would love to become more involved in this group.


Hana Rasheed Hi Kelly, Thank you for getting in touch. We are looking to plan event on October 4 or November 1. Lets connect and work on it.


Kelly Strodl That's sounds great. I'm around and happy to help. How would you like to connect? LinkedIn, email?


Ketan Anjaria @joydean can you assist?


Kelly Strodl Hi guys! Just wanted to see if you were still interested in working on something, seems like November might be best now. Thanks! Looking forward to helping out. - kelly