Allison Mintz

Hi Washington DC area folks: I would love to get a group of us together to meet in person from time to time to network and help one another. Respond below, looking to see if it as traction. I myself am a law school grad looking for jobs in that area.


Abed El Husseini +1! i'm not in DC atm but will be back in a few months :)


Allison Mintz I think I'll arrange an initial Meet Up before you return but, depending on how it goes, we can make it a monthly event. Even if we land jobs, we can help others, discuss how to excel and develop in our new roles and so on and so forth.


Courtney Day Interested! I'm a professional development program manager with experience working with experts to plan, develop, and deliver content for my organization's continuing education program. I would love to network with folks in the area. I work near Faragut Square (NW).


Ketan Anjaria Let's plan a DC HireClub meet up! I grew up in the area!


Allison Mintz Sounds good.


Niyati Shah I'm interested as well! I've been in DC for some time. Thanks for putting this out there, Allison!


Allison Mintz For all commenters What do you do? What are you looking for? How can you help? 1. Legal professional (pending bar results) 2. Looking for legal career leads and advice/mentorship 3. I can help anyone who is considering law school or Peace Corps.


Allison Mintz If we can get 5 or so more people and you all can come, I am going to suggest a meetup. Looking for location suggestions that are relatively quiet. Was thinking of Peet's Cofee in Fairfax VA. 3985 Pickett Rd. As I am new to the area, I would love people's suggestions. I am thinking June, 14 from 7-9pm.