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Hey folks let’s try to plan our first Atlanta event. Where and when would be a good spot? Thinking at least 2 weeks out to give people notice?


Tasha Schroeder That sounds like fun! I'm fairly flexible on dates, but have generally had better success during the middle of the week, with a start time around 7 pm so everyone can get through traffic. I prefer something intown rather than the suburbs, but don't know where everyone is located.

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Ketan Anjaria End of April works! Something easy to get transit wise is always good for us. We usually do around 5-8 pm?


Ketan Anjaria Yes it would be our first in Atlanta. I don't know Atlanta so I defer to all of you as best accessible location.


Lily Andemariam hey yall! End of April works well for me as well. What do you guys think of the 24th, 25th or 26th? I personally can not make Friday the 27th and am not sure if Fridays are a good time for our group to hold events given the type of networking opportunity we are providing but let me know your thoughts. :) @nique, did you mean the April 6th event or the one for May?


Lily Andemariam oh sorry, yes the 10th.


Lily Andemariam nice! okay. what do you guys think of moving this conversation to over the phone (maybe sometime next week) to start planning? @nique , I'm up for speaking with Steven and seeing if we can either learn and apply some of the best practices ourselves and/or partner with him on one of his events.


Lily Andemariam hey guys, follow up on this. Still looking to do an event for late April? Not sure if this was discussed on FB message...

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