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Hi All! I wanted to post on here and introduce myself! My name is Sunny, and I recently completed my MBA from Duke University. I currently reside in Chicago but looking to make a move to Denver in a marketing related role (product marketing, marketing manager, digital manager, etc.). My background is in technology consulting, but most recently, I've been a marketing manager at a marketing agency.

I'd love to connect and discuss any leads or suggestions! Also, if I can help you in any way (marketing, bouncing around ideas, books to read, etc.) let me know!

For those of you attending tonight and concerned about the weather, Rackhouse has their own parking lot.

Hi all, reminder for our first meetup in Denver on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Our first Meetup has been scheduled for March 28th at Rackhouse. Drop by and have a beer!

Hi friends! Check out Cloud Elements, they’re an API integrations platform and an all around absolutely amazing company! They’re hiring 20+ positions right now!


Mary Wilson Hi Brandi - thanks for the lead! I have 12+ years of experience working for software companies focused on Partners & Alliances. I would appreciate an introduction for the Director of Strategic Alliances role at Cloud Elements - can you help?

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Good morning, Denver! I have been charged with growing the Denver community for HireClub. We are only at 133 members right now vs 1500+ in the Bay Area. Please use this forum to share about yourself, especially if you are looking for a new role.

Hi all, I recently moved to Denver from San Francisco. I am currently seeking Marketing opportunities. I mostly have a Video Production background, but have also created the following: e-mail banners, collaterals (clickable e-books), fliers, posters, menus, gifs, carousels for websites, etc. I also have a strong background with motion graphics design. My portfolio can be viewed at: Please let me know if you have any leads. I'd be happy to take you out for coffee or brews, if you'd like to connect. My contact information can be found in my profile. Thanks much!


Ketan Anjaria Might be better to post this in SF community vs Denver then?

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Vernadine Del Mundo @kidbombay I moved to Denver from SF.

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Ketan Anjaria Oh lol mis read whoops!

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