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We just secured our first event space for HireClub in LA! We'll be coming in Late September 2019!! Woot, can't wait to meet more of you all!

Hello everyone! If you are in the Playa Vista/Silicon beach area and care to grab coffee or lunch, let me know! I'm a bay area transplant who has worked for startups and fortune 500 companies helping managers and leaders strengthen workplace culture, employee experience and manage change to grow and retain their most valuable asset -- people.


Mia Castillon Hi Tolu, I'm moving to that area this coming weekend and would love to connect with you over lunch and/or coffee.

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Hello everyone, I am currently VP, Data Services at a national insurance broker. I have a long history of driving value for the organizations I work for. I am currently bringing transformation to my organization through process automation. Last year I saved my company over $11 million per year.

Hi All, I am an online business manager. I set up Business automation and CRM management. I also offer 24hrs customer chat and email support for small and medium businesses. I am open to taking on new clients right now.

Hi All! I've relocated from the Bay Area to LA, and I'm currently seeking UX Design opportunities around the Silicon Beach area. Looking forward to exploring the scene in LA.

Check out my resume and portfolio links in my profile.

Hi All! I am a UX Designer looking for internship opportunities in summer. I am a fan of design thinking, and I love interacting with people to discuss ideas, share research and show my visual designs. I am currently pursuing UX Research & Design at the University of Michigan, and I have a rich background in full stack development. Please visit my portfolio http://kchetan.com/

Hello HireClub! I’m seeking art direction/animation opportunities in LA.

I recently moved from Columbus, Ohio. I have art directed animation projects for Firefox, Coca-Cola, PUMA, Huntington Bank, EXPRESS, Discovery Channel and Cardinal Health and music videos for artists such as T.I. and Lil Wayne, Cher, Cee Lo Green and AWOLNATION.

I am currently freelancing as I look for a longer-term position in LA. Check out my reel for samples of my work.

Let me know if you have an opportunity or can introduce me to someone who is seeking an art director for motion graphics/animation!

Thanks in advance!

Show Reel: https://vimeo.com/252285260 Website: www.chavilah.net Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chavilahbennett/

Hi @hanarasheed - would love to pitch in where I can for LA events, I'm based in Studio City (Hollywood) area.

Hi, I'm Johnmark looking for a new lucrative job.


Ketan Anjaria Please fill out profile more and tell us a lot more specifics about what you are looking for.

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Hi, I'm Hana and I'm helping everyone to plan events in your city. If you are interested in helping to plan or attend in Los Angeles, please comment.

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Anne Doyle I am interested in attending an event! Thanks for taking initiative.

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Adam Hageman I'm in!

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Hana Rasheed Hi Adam, Thank you for getting in touch. We are looking to plan event on October 4 or November 1. Lets connect and work on it.

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Hana Rasheed Adam, are open to help us plan the event ?

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Victoria Wang Hi Hana! Nice to meet you! Thank you for taking initiative and would love to be notified of any upcoming LA-based events. Let me know what I can do to help.

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