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Hi, How are mothers of young kids (or fathers) managing to WFH with the kid home all day? Any tips to share?


Alison Rakotonirina Hi! I would like to spend the time to write a deeper response, but to start with the biggest thing I've done is to lower my expectations of myself and everyone else - be kind, be compassionate, be human. We are in unknown waters and so being flexible is the first start.

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Alison Rakotonirina Quickly -- two of the things I've done are one to take some time to focus on my kids more -- mine are 3 & 5 years old -- so I will draw or cook with them and then put on a Netflix or Youtube. I've also gotten them drawing (and watching Youtube videos on how to draw things like unicorns and tigers) which they love.


Alison Rakotonirina And, then I've been doing more work after they go to bed, versus during the day.


Alison Rakotonirina 15 or 25 minutes direct action with the kids followed by 15 or 25 minutes where they let me focus. And taking the relay with my husband -- one of us watching them for an hour or two, so the other one can do a call (I am a coach, so bad to get interrupted on a coaching call).

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