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Hey Everyone! I am a 3D Artist/Game Developer currently working on making my own games in Unity. My strengths lie in 3D art as I have about 6 years of experience with that and a degree in VFX from Ex'pression Colege. Please reach out to me if you know of anyone looking for a 3D generalist who is proficient at making game assets with junior game programming knowledge. Thank you!


Yaseen Muad Nasser Hi Matt, I work at PS in Foster City. Please forward your resume to me, I'll see if there are any available positions that you would be interested in:

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Hello everyone! I'm a certified PMP, Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt and just relocated to the Bay Area after receiving my MBA from Kellogg. I have a background in product marketing, sales enablement and change management. I'm looking for marketing, strategy and operations roles in the Bay Area. Looking forward to being a member of the community. Please reach out if you know of any potential opportunities!


Ketan Anjaria Don't forget to add profile image and fully fill out your HireClub profile so we can get to know you. Projects really help!

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Hello everyone! I am a Software Engineer with strong foundations in modern web technologies, including JavaScript (ES5/ES6), React, Angular, Redux, Node and relational databases such as PostgreSQL. I would love to connect with you regarding any potential opportunities!


Tiffany Zhong Hey! Hiring a react dev right now -- send me an email?

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Hello everyone! I'm a product manager at Zynga and was really interested by the growth and evolution of this group. Look forward to meeting people on here.

Hi all! I've just had the opportunity to join HireClub. I'm a Junior Business Designer working at Fjord Paris but am very open to new opportunities abroad, and, of course, why not SF! I am very interested in Product Management, Business Analysis within startups and ventures as well as Design Strategy for design consultancies. I am lucky enough to be visiting SF until the 4 November so it would be a pleasure if I could get to meet any of you who would have any leads on positions similar to the ones above. Many thanks!

Hi, I will be wrapping up my current contract at Square and I would love to connect about hybrid roles involving product management, program management and/or operations. I have several years of experience in tech ed but am open to a variety of industries.

Hi Everyone! I just finished up my Certification in Project Management and I am now on the hunt for a PM or Operations based role somewhere near Sunnyvale. Open to Mountain View, Palo Alto and even as far north as San Mateo.

Please PM me if you know of an projects or ops roles :)

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