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Hi All,

I am looking for a reliable connection at Walmart?

I would like to conduct informational interviewing. I would like to talk to anyone from there including recruiters, former employees.

Thanks a bunch.

Good Evening Everyone,

I have been in education for the last twelve years, eight as a high school English teacher and the last four years as a Dean of Academics in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My wife was recently recruited by KIPP Charter Schools to teach high school English next school year, and we are excited to make the cross-country trek this June.

I am currently still on the lookout for employment. I have applied to several high school schools, both private and public, in the area but due to Covid, it has been slow. I am also very excited to try and get into the educational technology field, and I would welcome the chance to connect and build my network in the Bay area. Here is a link to my LinkedIn account: Kevin Dineen

Overall, I very excited to start this next chapter in my life and I hope to connect soon.


Hi HireClub! I am a public health professional with a background in research, social media content marketing, program management and more. I will be coming from NYC to attend the AfroTech conference this weekend. This will be my first time visiting Oakland and my first AfroTech conference. Is anyone else attending AfroTech? I am grateful to be a part of this community and would love to connect!


Marie Smith One of my friends and advisors will be at the Black Girls Code booth. Her name is Samantha. Drop by and say hi!

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Shira Kates I believe my colleague Adrienne Cabouet will be there from CivicActions. She's awesome. Feel free to drop her a note on LinkedIn beforehand! Hope you get to meet!

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Hi Hireclub, I am currently working closely with global leader in enterprise data management. They provide an industry leading, cloud-based Big Data Analytics platform on which many customers are processing an astounding amount of data every day. The company's 250+ corporate customers include Subaru, Warner Bros., MobFox, GREE, Pioneer and several Global Fortune 500 companies.

They are looking for Senior Information Security Specialist who is excited to help secure all aspects of our service; a robust and scalable data platform hosted in the public cloud. 3-5 years experiences in security operation, incident management, log monitor. Familiar and hands on with Splunk, JavaScript, SQL.

In this position, you’ll work within a multi-disciplined team to guide security operations and risk management activities.

Are you open for a call to discuss further?

My company, MacPherson's Art Supply Distributor is looking for candidates with strong experience with consumer packaged good/retail experience for a Category Management/Buyer position. Local candidates preferred, but open to remote for the right, experienced candidate. The employee owned company is in an undergoing a transformation, which I am excited to be part of. Please feel free to reach out with questions.

I am working with CGI Inc as senior Java developer in Java , Cloud and Micro services technologies like AWS, Spring boot, Ilog rules, Java, no sql etc .

I am looking for new full time position in Bay area, CA. Please feel free to contact me for more information incase of any opportunities. Many Thanks in advance !

Hi everyone! I'm in the market for a new Editorial / Content role. I have a decade of international experience, and would love to hear from you if you know of or have anything available!
Thank you in advance! Babette

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Megan Morrice No connection, but I just saw this role today -

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Babette Dunkelgrun Thanks so much! Super kind of you!!

We have many people here as members that are in mid-career or even late-career. This in no way should mean they are no longer productive or of tremendous value. Some food for thought about how our industry will treat all of us as we move along in our careers. This sort of thinking needs to be revised. No one is young forever.

"Employers don't want to overpay for experience. Most employers I know are looking for someone with "just enough" experience to enable them to hit the ground running, while still having something to learn by working for them. When an overqualified person applies, the immediate assumption is they will get bored quickly. Additionally, employers fear the seasoned pro will have an intellectual superiority complex. Meaning, they'll want to show everyone how much they know by sharing why things need to be done a certain way. In short, the more experience you have, the more bias you are up against."


Hyle Campbell Found this statement on another site.. They were just framing the current state not saying this was the way to go.

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Hi all! I am getting ready to start my career. I am looking for a PM position in San Francisco. Since I am still in school, I don't have much experience yet, but I am looking forward to finding a great company where I can gain experience. Last summer I was a Technical Intern at AWS (Amazon Web Services) and I am AWS certified. :) Since I live in Texas, it is really hard to get connected with people who work in San Francisco so I would love any connections y'all can share!


Aman Manik

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Gen Al @Aman Manik is this for students only? If someone is trying to get into a product manager position and has been a project manager would you recommend this route as well?

We're looking for an Inside Salesperson at - here's the job posting - please pass it on to friends - we are rocking -

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