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Hi all! I'm currently in the market for a new Event and/or Field Marketing role. I have over 10 years experience. Would love to send you my resume if you know of or have anything available (and it's also posted in my profile).

Thank you, appreciate your time!


Paolo Privitera Hi Nichole :) Please send me an email to and check out! thanks

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Aman Manik @Nicole - If you need any assistance on your job search: strategies to approach a job, review your resume, and even referrals (where applicable), happy to over my coaching to you. We can do a 15 minute intro call to see if it's a fit.


Aman Manik Offer my coaching to you. #sillyautocorrect

Hi Hireclub! I'm a recent MBA grad from the College of William and Mary and right now living in San Jose and also looking for full-time opportunities. I am an international marketing professional and have worked with fortune 500 companies. I am looking for marketing roles in the bay area in dynamic work environments. My Linkedin profile: I have worked with different advertising agencies and have knowledge about SQL, Google Analytics and Tableau. Any help or leads will be highly appreciated.


Aman Manik Hi Dhruv, I'm actually from San Jose. Do you care where in the Bay Area your roles are? How quickly do you want find a role? If you want to hop on the phone, we can do a quick call here: Just book me for intro call and I'll see if there is anything I can do to help.

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Dhruv Gupta Hi Aman, thanks for your message... I have booked an appointment with you... Looking forward to speaking with you.


Aman Manik @dhruv -- Not sure what happened. Want to try booking an intro again? Might have to report a bug.


Dhruv Gupta tried to set it up for 4pm...

This @HireClub community is really special, and it's been awesome to see it provide access to incredible job opportunities. At Flockjay, we're hiring for roles that directly fuel this kind of life-changing impact - Partnerships Manager, Sales Enablement Manager, Software Engineer, and more.

Send me a note, DM, or email, and please reshare, especially to those fired up about democratizing education and access for future-proof jobs. If you're in SF, we'd love to take you out for coffee and share more about how we're striving to give voice to jobseekers from non-traditional & underrepresented backgrounds.

@Ketan Anjaria - we did YC this winter, so if you're looking to apply in the future, happy to help! :)


Luis Rodriguez-Martin Hi Francesca - I really like what Flockjay's working on and would love to learn more. Sent you a message on LinkedIn with more details. Thanks for posting! -Luis

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Francesca Sta Maria Reading it now!


Virginia Williams Hi Francesca, great idea and interesting and worthwhile mission! Thanks for sharing.

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Francesca Sta Maria Thanks!


Ketan Anjaria Hi Francesca, we've applied 7 times. 3 times with HireClub. I'm honestly a little burnt. Our revenue is crushing it but apparently I don't know how to get YC to see our value. It's kinda disheartening. I have 6 other YC founders including a partner who's recommended us.

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Kushaan Shah Hi Francesca! Just sent you a message on LI, would love to chat more!

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Hi Hireclubbers! Wondering if anybody is with or knows someone who works there? If so would love to connect. Thank you!

Pretty intense article about the decline of SF. Click bait? or too real? What are your thoughts?


Nader Nazemi Doom and Gloom ... We have heard these stories since time immemorial.

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Sean Malroy It is the right-wing National Review, so conclusions are purposefully gloomy. And SF didn't invent homelessness or a lot of the other ills he describes. But a many of the facts on the ground are indesputible, such as the out of control cost of living here and how that stifles anything new. Short version: if I ever get kicked out of my place, I'm leaving not just SF, but the Bay Area!

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Nader Nazemi Such is life.


Sean Malroy one of those comments that sounds like it said something, but is devoid of content.


Nader Nazemi Have nice day. clearly you are looking to pick a fight. I sense a lot of pent up anger.

Hi Hireclub! One of the companies I'm really passionate (Plushcare) about is hiring for their engineering team! PlushCare is a digital health startup in San Francisco that believes in helping every individual achieve health and happiness. Plushcare's mission is to challenge the status quo by providing every person convenient and affordable access to the best-trained doctors in the country. We allow patients to skip the waiting room and get diagnosed, treated, and prescribed medication by top U.S. doctors via smartphone.

They are looking for an engineer with 2+ years experience in Python and Django. You can check out more about the role here:

If you would like to learn more about the role or get set up with a call, contact me at


Nader Nazemi Very interesting.

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Hi, HireClub! I am statistics graduate student and seeking for full-time job opportunity as data analyst/data scientist in Bay area. My technical skills include: data mining and modeling, machine learning (regression, classification, NLP), and proficient at SQL, R, Python, basic knowledge about big data tool like Hadoop. I have intern experience in data analysis and familiar with web analytics with Google analytics. I attached my LinkedIn for your reference. My contact information is, 9198138868. Thanks advance.


Srajan Bhagat Hi Lei! My company, Sauce Labs, happens to have an opening for a data scientist. Please check out the posting below, and let me know if it looks interesting. Thank you!

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Lei Wang Thank you for replying me. I am very interested in this position and feel confident that I would be a good fit. Should I apply for this position on your website? Is it possible to ask you to refer me? If there is anything you want to know about me, please let me know.


Srajan Bhagat Yes! Please apply using this link: If possible, please also send me your resume directly at

Hey SF Bay Area Members! We're the largest community at HireClub so let's show them how to celebrate the 8th Anniversary on March 28th. Two events, one in San Francisco and one in Mountain View. Check out details and sign up.

Hello Connections,

I am an Electrical Engineering Graduate from San Jose State University with a GPA of 3.64/4 and looking for full-time job opportunities in the semiconductor industry for ASIC designing and verification role.

My Technical Skills Include:

• EDA/CAD/Software tools: Cadence design compiler, Xilinx ISE, Xilinx Vivado, Cadence, Altera Quartus, VCS. • Programming Languages: Verilog, SystemVerilog, UVM, C. • Bus Protocols: APB, AMBA, AHB, I2C, SPI. • Scripting Language: Python. • Others: RTL design and simulation, gate level synthesis, PCB designing, FPGA design flow, Place and Route, Design for Test(DFT), BIST, SCAN, DSP designing, Static timing analysis, ASIC design flow, computer architecture, ASIC verification, UVM methodology.

I am very quick at learning new things.

Willing to relocate anywhere in the USA and available immediately.

I am open to entry-level positions.

Please let me know if you have any openings or could direct me or introduce me to someone who is hiring for ASIC engineers in the semiconductor industry.

Thank you in advance.

Contact: 408-908-8754

Hi HireClub! I'm a UX/Product designer with 5 years of business experience and I'm actively looking for internship opportunities this summer.

Currently a graduate student from the IIT Institute of Design, I'm an advocate of simplicity committed to creating meaningful digital products. I recently won a design competition and thrive to do more. I design and prototype for web and mobile platforms. I have experience in both corporate companies and design consultancies.

If you, or anyone you know, are looking for an intern please contact me. Any recommendations or suggestions would be appreciated! Find more about my work at

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