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For those about to product, we salute you.

Lisa Maria

Hey HireClub! What are your favorite product management-related resources? Either books, articles, or podcasts. I’m currently into podcasts and have found a couple that are relevant to PM: How I Built This, Inside Intercom, Master of Scale, Tomorrow Built Today.

Do you have anything you'd like to share? Post away!


Raj Khare I am into books , blogs and Linkedin discussions about products


Lisa Maria Any specific websites/links/book titles you could share?

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Steven Sloss I usually give this reading list to friends and colleagues when they want to learn more about product-y roles: PM Resources Product-Specific * Everything from Marty Cagan at SVPG ( * Marty Cagan’s book _Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love_ (defines end-to-end how high-performance product organizations run) ( * _The Lean Startup_ from Eric Ries ( Intersection of Product and Strategy * Stratechery (subscription-based, but very worth it. Ben Thompson is a phenomenally talented business analyst) ( * _Competing Against Luck_ from Clayton Christensen (dives into “Jobs to be Done” in depth) ( * _Crossing the Chasm_ (helped refined my mental models for how users adopt new tech) ( * _Map the Future_ from Michael Mace (not actually about mapping the future; it’s mostly concerned with tools to help understand the competitive landscape) ( Leadership and Management: * _Managing Humans_ by Michael Lopp (it’s the best intro to tech management book I’ve found, and I’ve read a lot) ( * _Thanks for the Feedback_ (changed how I approach difficult conversations (in both directions)) ( * The Five Disfunctions of a Team (parable about how to create high-trust teams so that you can have productive conversations) (

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Steven Sloss Ooph. Looks like you can’t do multi-line comments here. Apologies for the wonky formatting.