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For those unable to join our livestream yesterday, we announced the launch of PM Job Search Bootcamp online course!

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Katia will discuss how the PM job search process and market are changing and on how you can stay ahead and competitive in the current climate.

Calling All Product Managers and Aspiring PMs

We are developing a product management virtual course and want to hear from you!

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Hey HireClub! What are your favorite product management-related resources? Either books, articles, or podcasts. I’m currently into podcasts and have found a couple that are relevant to PM: How I Built This, Inside Intercom, Master of Scale, Tomorrow Built Today.

Do you have anything you'd like to share? Post away!


Raj Khare I am into books , blogs and Linkedin discussions about products

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Lisa Maria Any specific websites/links/book titles you could share?

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Steven Sloss I usually give this reading list to friends and colleagues when they want to learn more about product-y roles: PM Resources Product-Specific * Everything from Marty Cagan at SVPG ( * Marty Cagan’s book _Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love_ (defines end-to-end how high-performance product organizations run) ( * _The Lean Startup_ from Eric Ries ( Intersection of Product and Strategy * Stratechery (subscription-based, but very worth it. Ben Thompson is a phenomenally talented business analyst) ( * _Competing Against Luck_ from Clayton Christensen (dives into “Jobs to be Done” in depth) ( * _Crossing the Chasm_ (helped refined my mental models for how users adopt new tech) ( * _Map the Future_ from Michael Mace (not actually about mapping the future; it’s mostly concerned with tools to help understand the competitive landscape) ( Leadership and Management: * _Managing Humans_ by Michael Lopp (it’s the best intro to tech management book I’ve found, and I’ve read a lot) ( * _Thanks for the Feedback_ (changed how I approach difficult conversations (in both directions)) ( * The Five Disfunctions of a Team (parable about how to create high-trust teams so that you can have productive conversations) (

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Steven Sloss Ooph. Looks like you can’t do multi-line comments here. Apologies for the wonky formatting.