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Jul 2017
Evbkkicvvsvjsgfa9y9i Ashanya Indralingam · Joined AIESEC
Jul 2016
Cjxnuqvsleiwjbpzxk4v Ann Nguyen · Went to Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management for MBA degree
Mar 2015
J2naddpouy439ttemzsz Archie Agrawal · Global Community Develepmont Internship in Greece
Jun 2014
Dznpzws5ippum9kmdwdo Gordon Ching · Joined AIESEC as Chief Digital Officer
Jun 2013
Dznpzws5ippum9kmdwdo Gordon Ching · Joined AIESEC as Head of Marketing and Communications, Canada
Feb 2012
Nbu40qjcn0wq9ujb8ev8 Hellem Pedroso · Joined AIESEC as Information Management Coordinator
Jan 2010
Uflb6dhyz7obeqcluf8z Jai Farswani · Joined AIESEC
Jan 2009
Btbd3kplrqmfd0lhkk8t Mansi Shah · Joined AIESEC as Vice president
Sep 2000
Q7bacalgulxc7hjjbs5u Rita Schiesser · Joined AIESEC as Vice President
Aug 1999
Xdbakt1edr0pegbtigph Tushar Chaudhary · Joined AIESEC as LC EB VP