Boston College

The official page of Boston College, a Jesuit Catholic university dedicated to uniting academic excellence with leadership and service to society.


Oct 2017
Jm7fsxmaum1zql43fakh Manny Yap · Went to Boston College
Jul 2017
Ajoal0xrv69yeuxqneru Al Dea · Went to Boston College
May 2017
Htqpoyp8uadgykxagoqa Andrew Chough · Join FOCUS: Map of Your World as Design Intern
Jan 2012
Cy70hz0ebsenv27lpqsp Yvette Ramírez · Went to Boston College
Jan 2010
Bakd5jg7uxou5mop5tu3 Alice Barton · Graduated from Boston College with degrees in biology and education
Jan 2009
Bakd5jg7uxou5mop5tu3 Alice Barton · Went to Boston College
May 2008
Ptmzfvyhjlqdcbbihxfp Ben Seidl · Graduated undergrad business with honors
Jan 2008
Cxr4f8mfqhqwk6rkzkbi Henry Khachatryan · Went to Boston College
May 2007
Ukufrkg9qggtuj6pqibv Spencer Powers · Graduated from Boston College
Jan 2005
Wgk74enpangkm9nu4cal Alex Lockwood · Went to Boston College
Sep 2002
May 1999
Kgusln93bgcwhwvgskaw Ken Kamada · Graduated Boston College