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Added By Ketan Anjaria

Jan 2018
Zb6rrkclmlmtvamzvjgv Emre Şimdi · Grew Cambly 10x in a year in Turkey
Sep 2017
Omlk7vgg1xxs9rac5av4 Vicky Ha · Joined Accenture
Sep 2017
Slizbssfvxeooq1nbvmx Anuya Kamat · Joined Accenture
Jun 2017
Icvylkpcidz99bfon3n3 Chris Gagne · Joined Accenture via acquisition
Nov 2016
Roxkj6npyfym86lxtjok Matt Swulinski · Joined Accenture as Management Consulting Analyst
Sep 2016
Fqfghflsny9xsm8jbdvd Parul Kulshreshtha, PMP, CSM, ITIL · Joined Asante Africa as a Project Manager and established PMO, Automated few processes in that resulted in quick turnaround
Jan 2016
Va38zer3j6ftq0jwtdh5 Dan Cloutier · Moved to Accenture as Managing Consultant to lead up their Strategic Analytics team
Oct 2015
Wj3xopxswn1mcbjnjpwv Vikki Lampton · Joined Accenture as Military Recruiting Expert- North American Region
Aug 2015
Bidmpnnrj8edberymnlx Jyotika Gupta Shashank · Joined Accenture and helped numerous clients to develop their growth strategy an improve topline growth
May 2015
Gbngj55vn2gmcdyaircq Lynn Chien · Increased the shortlisted candidate pool by 30% by actively engaging prospected candidates in the market through social media, referrals etc
Oct 2014
Gbngj55vn2gmcdyaircq Lynn Chien · Reduced recruitment cycle time by 20% by developing a social recruiting strategy; successfully implemented and trained the Asia Pacific team
Jul 2014
V5cdpgbftmvt1fsc8c3g Shamanth Kumar Parameshwar · Led a team of 3 members in different phases of Software Manual Testing.
Jun 2013
Zwjm0q3h9nl9st0u1big Sam Chen · Joined Accenture as Intern/Consultant
Jan 2012
Zty7rntalv0uyayxtrv6 Jin Ah Lee · Joined Accenture as Consultant
Sep 2011
Crykss9t0amg3t8ixgwu Anj Rai · Joined Accenture as Manager
Sep 2011
Ju4cqwv0kikhprjgohmh Alec McGuffey · Joined Accenture as Consultant
May 2010
Nq9hv8nfikgh9d4dqhpp Bijal Patel · Joined Accenture as Consulting Analyst
May 2010
Sxyw8icqp4azjumji0gk Bijal Patel · Accenture - Cosulting Analyst
Dec 2009
Reptqaq5ptczhyoqtexi Shikha Lodha · Joined Accenture as Senior Software Engineer
Jun 2007
Zty7rntalv0uyayxtrv6 Jin Ah Lee · Joined Accenture as Intern
May 2007
Vqphoxddajxqqzc7atjv Nick Talwar · Joined Accenture as Consulting Analyst Intern
Jan 2007
Twnrdnyvuk44wywr9tmy Nidhi Wadmark · Accenture
May 2005
Xbq1lmaw5goxa5kmhvzu Saima Siddiqui · Joined Accenture as Consultant
Feb 2005
Nu2oztweseryg0mba5je Vishal Gurbuxani · Joined Accenture as Consulting
Jan 2005
C6rtlrhgbzisf1cgtfpd Robbie Abed · Joined Accenture as Consulting Analyst
Oct 2004
Ogcy84awmvzvtrsdhvj3 Jeremy Reither · Joined Accenture as Manager
Sep 2004
Ru7vkq9lrjx0ya3izhy9 Kimen Warner · Joined Accenture as Analyst
Aug 2003
Sfxgpmzec1ydeccz7vya Jed J Kim · Joined Accenture as Consultant
Jan 2001
Xwyzb9poqar0bjiv3ynl Ritu Raj · Joined Accenture as Partner

Savannah Insalaco Available
Product Manager · Accenture · San Francisco · 5 Years Experience


Jenna Vines Available
Business Development · Accenture · Atlanta · 2 Years Experience


Jyotika Gupta Shashank Available Open
Management · Accenture · San Francisco · 4 Years Experience


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Nicholas Jakubowski
Back End Developer · Accenture · San Francisco · 3 Years Experience