DigitasLBi North America

DigitasLBi is a data-inspired agency.



Mar 2017
Z8zwqdow7cbvpg3ufo7c Melody Lin · Automated front-end deployments and builds using Gulp.js
Mar 2017
Z8zwqdow7cbvpg3ufo7c Melody Lin · Reduced development lead time through refactoring and documentation by 50%
Nov 2016
Z8zwqdow7cbvpg3ufo7c Melody Lin · Led product release that generated $3 million in revenue
Jun 2015
Z8zwqdow7cbvpg3ufo7c Melody Lin · Managed campaign that generated $250,000 and 16 million social media impressions
Nov 2014
Z8zwqdow7cbvpg3ufo7c Melody Lin · Won first place in company competition for IoT Wearables
Sep 2013
Td9wdxr8pal1ihkaiit9 Nikhita Kamath · Liaised with key stakeholders and successfully handed off all client deliverables as an Account Executive at DigitasLBi
Jun 2013
Dxw4zsxxake7yykyyovr Taylor Williams · Media Planner
Oct 2012
Ncpqtwwj3otfe9nkkjkc Kristen Winzent · Joined DigitasLBi America as Senior Account Executive