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Jul 2017
Cg4x43kcqlot2ibiwhih Peter Dyloco · Team GM award for outperforming sales, retail share, and accessories goal across Canada (1st place)
Mar 2017
Cg4x43kcqlot2ibiwhih Peter Dyloco · Created widely-used tool to help dealers understand allocation process and maximize allocation of desirable product
Sep 2015
Cgtv1wx1b0tytmr1tcoz Michael Hartman · Trained 15 managers and peers on new department software
Jun 2013
Gqm9soypi8dvmrk5rhqv Pranav Nair · Joined General Motors as Intern
Apr 2000
Fhymw6cyzaqhorekkq5g Vance Martin · Joined General Motors as Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Jan 1992
Brvom4fkvatumwsbq8ml Anthony Snoddy · Manager