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Oct 2017
Clxtkjilqpc0vj0mcfhi Juniper Smith · Learning the latest skills in Digital Marketing
Oct 2017
Wlhlwwpvztpr3fwfvq0s George Favvas · Joined General Assembly as Lead PM instructor (part time)
Aug 2017
Qnwtbieowhzwkkmr3vfz Jeff Kell · Joined General Assembly as Student
Jul 2017
Y4xejenhn45ru0cmuhpi Brian HK Lee · Armed myself with Product Management Best Practices
Jul 2017
Du2iihmhyjjnpu35koxl Caitlin Gray · Completed Front End Web Development Course
Jun 2017
Odof3ocnhmlojzlfj75t Gino Gagaza · Joined General Assembly as UX Designer
May 2017
Hmywuooeg30nntqvv9do Emily Boucher · Immersive Web Development at GA Bitmaker Labs
May 2017
Mz5umzaympkhnm2go196 Taylor B O'Neal · Completed User Experience (UX) Design Course
Mar 2017
Bhplizks81ubgyoobmsf Nick Finck · Joined General Assembly as User Experience Design Immersive Instructor
Feb 2017
Uoqigo8mwtbcuys4cbf7 Julia Bergen · Completed General Assembly User Experience Design Course
Oct 2016
Onwuym6tmnfckq1vtsjz Holly Shisler · Mentored and taught 17 students taking the UX Design Immersive
Aug 2016
Uoqigo8mwtbcuys4cbf7 Julia Bergen · Completed General Assembly Visual Design Course
Jul 2016
Eumtgnxtfgpbtmjabqdl Alex Wyrick · JS Developer bootcamp London
Jul 2016
H9l3dpv5kbxhemdubc8l Raj Kapoor · Went to General Assembly
Apr 2016
Pazfv16mwi8ptzlhmrw5 Ivan Zich · Full Stack Web Developer Graduate
Feb 2016
Qt2dxmwwdi6aglz4w2wv Justine Sun Dela Cruz · Completed Front-End Web Dev course
Jan 2016
Aun0woja0t7yejghyfdc Laura Ruchinskas · Learned SQL at General Assembly
Dec 2015
Yhxegjpovzwmdgamluj7 Victoria Cruikshank · Completed General Assembly's UX Design program
Nov 2015
Eumtgnxtfgpbtmjabqdl Alex Wyrick · Front-end Web Dev bootcamp
Sep 2015
Onwuym6tmnfckq1vtsjz Holly Shisler · Completed 10-week UX Design immersive
Aug 2015
Nsrzvhl3idexfyzqswkp Melissa Glass · Received my Certificate of Completion for Digital Marketing at General Assembly in SF.
May 2014
Ptzmunadsd4j3kgzdtrc Carlos González de Villaumbrosia · Joined General Assembly as Lead Instructor, Product Management
Apr 2014
Lpjlut846gy4rzz2gu4z Punit Shah · Completed Data Science course from General Assembly
Jan 2014
Ayvshlxtxhviymcvv1fn Kimson Doan · Joined General Assembly
Jan 2014
Ts0mffrhtr93g8afpwin Kelly Mason · Joined General Assembly as Education Programs Producer
Dec 2013
Qxsjmvh0wpfclzxzmy3h Joy Liu · Became instructional associate for 2 classes of 20+ students in UX Design program
Sep 2013
Uxxc6ekqfgkz8r69ayuw Jen Aprahamian · Joined General Assembly as Developer in Residence/Web Development Instructor
Aug 2013
Zcsfpsxlhdy4cfi8p5vm Christine Bower · Joined General Assembly as Instructional Designer
Jun 2013
Csdnlg3gtd7w8szvol5m Jonathan Yankovich · Joined General Assembly as Lead Instructor, Web Development Immersive
May 2013
Uxxc6ekqfgkz8r69ayuw Jen Aprahamian · Joined General Assembly as Producer

Anna Wolak
Data Scientist · General Assembly · Seattle · 4 Years Experience


Amy Ng Available
UX Designer · General Assembly · San Francisco · 1 Year Experience


Patricia Anderson Available
Designer · General Assembly · San Francisco · 7 Years Experience