Dec 2017
T6oinlyab4ln2qvuna4x Cathy Riddell Handzel · Joined Hewlett-Packard
Oct 2017
Ar1i1n1efpdygx5bidd6 Kelly Iwarimie Jackson · Joined Hewlett-Packard
Jul 2017
Yibyy9p7sk8ifjavdnys Timothy Huertas · Joined Hewlett-Packard as Engineer
Jan 2014
Zrpuoqnuxklrscf7a1rg Marius Chawa · Joined Hewlett Packard as UX Designer
May 2013
Vjltsvwdgjcpqsfpcvoc Mer Malnick · Internship at Global Social Team
Apr 2013
Tgqxed6ccujamnspxjqm Margaret Pfeiffer · Joined Hewlett-Packard as Software Marketing Operations
Jul 2012
Default avatar An Yu · Coded native iOS prototypes to assist with early explorations of an augmented reality photo-sharing app
Dec 2009
Kxhuxridg78twffnz5g2 Monica Girel · Joined Hewlett-Packard as Graphic Designer
Apr 2009
Tttjrk9l1bgrp9fuvavw Sony Philip John · Delivered 43 driver releases, which ensured strategic success for partnership during Windows 7 launch
Jan 2007
Sru256ifx4wfacqel2mp Eumir Nicasio · Joined Hewlett-Packard as Product Management
Dec 2006
Tttjrk9l1bgrp9fuvavw Sony Philip John · Joined Hewlett-Packard as Engineer
Jun 2006
Zcfw5h50bko4hv58pxks Wilfredo Malazarte · Joined Hewlett Packard as a Software Designer
Jan 2005
Lkgx0bbb7gene2io9u3l Jay Shek · Snapfish acquired by Hewlett-Packard
Apr 2003
Blh6uba3je2gdydijgqt Martha Lyons · Promoted as first HP Services Female Distinguished Technologist
Jan 1999
Ftgpuodesrz90dhq25e8 Jen Peng · Joined Hewlett-Packard as Intern
Apr 1993
Blh6uba3je2gdydijgqt Martha Lyons · Developed HP's first customer facing Website
Jun 1987
A3t8ouo4xv4rhijycqor Gill Stanfield · Joined Hewlett-Packard as Software Engineer
Jun 1978
Xsmujnlzpx12xik24wzv Barbara Gee · Managed multiple engineering departments and successfully introduced major new products at HP