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Sep 2016
Default avatar Parker Finley · Production Financing
May 2016
Jf7omo5bgkxdi46hnvxb Elizabeth Starkey · Freelance Designer at NBCUniversal
Feb 2016
Gtbofouqfwqag6ud92xx Ankit Adlakha · Joined NBCUniversal as Software engineer
Feb 2014
Dusqpaabtmzzx21lig8n Joanna Popper · Grew market share for NBCUniversal and launched hit shows
Apr 2012
Egnoh0rz7tmjsweyrvm4 Therese Moriarty · Researched and executed organic YouTube channel optimization strategies that expanded the subscriber base by almost 500%.
Jun 2011
X8rbprjjsadywlzqg5ei Nicole Negri · Joined NBCUniversal as Page
Apr 2011
Egnoh0rz7tmjsweyrvm4 Therese Moriarty · Oversaw a content migration and new video player integration that resulted in a 200% increase in weekly traffic.
Dec 2010
Jf7omo5bgkxdi46hnvxb Elizabeth Starkey · Digital Designer at NBCUniversal
Apr 2010
Egnoh0rz7tmjsweyrvm4 Therese Moriarty · Established company-recognized standards and practices for sponsorships involving editorially-integrated video.
Aug 2005
T1y68if9el5ygvlx61ed Pinguino Kolb · Joined Universal Studios as a designer