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Added By Sherwick Min

Nov 2017
Jdor20pmiv2aucrouuu0 Isaiah Steinfeld · Joined Nike as Entrepreneur in Residence
Aug 2016
Pthkch4tfrx6058d69js Sarah Al-Sheikhly · Led forecasting $300M AYR Men's Training Footwear business
Dec 2015
Twtvdg6jxgsfvitdfgqd Sherwick Min · Joined Nike
Mar 2015
Pthkch4tfrx6058d69js Sarah Al-Sheikhly · Promoted to Nike North America Business Planning organization
Jan 2015
Pthkch4tfrx6058d69js Sarah Al-Sheikhly · Increased Nike FW Product Creation Ops cost center savings +20%
May 2014
Pthkch4tfrx6058d69js Sarah Al-Sheikhly · Promoted at Nike, Inc from contractor to FTE
Jan 2013
Tfb42lgpbc09zbyi78ra Kirstie Polentz · Joined Nike
Jan 2012
Sc6c3c9bc2qj3mjmqaps Rita Chang · Joined Nike as Sustainable Manufacturing & Sourcing
Jan 2010
Sc6c3c9bc2qj3mjmqaps Rita Chang · Joined Nike as Sustainable Business & Innovation
Jan 2004
Gmplp4rkej88k0vkzsrr Vanessa Yang · Joined Nike