Career Building in the COVID Era: All Your Questions Answered



Tuesday, May 19
12:00PM PDT

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In the past six weeks, more than 30 million people filed for unemployment in the U.S.. Many newly unemployed workers are within our tech community. Leaders like Uber, Lyft, Tesla, Clearbanc, Away, Bird have cut staff by the thousands. In the coming months, even more anticipate layoffs, furloughs and pay cuts as startups reassess their business during the pandemic.

Tons of resources are floating around the internet, but it's hard to cut through the noise. This talk is meant to put a human voice behind the uncertainty that so many in our community is facing. Our mission is to provide tactical advice on what to do if you’ve been laid off or think unemployment may be in your near future. With this series of talks, we want to provide clear steps to filing for unemployment, navigating furlough, negotiating an exit package and how to reduce the mental distress that comes along with job insecurity.

Event specifics:

  • Date: May 19th @ 12-1pm Pacific Time

  • Format: Zoom with Facebook Live streaming

  • 10-15 min per speaker

  • Casual conversation format

  • Optional Q&A

  • Optional visual component

Focus areas

  • What to expect in a layoff conversation with your manager

  • When and how to apply for unemployment benefits

  • Where to look for new job opportunities

  • What skills are in demand now? Rethinking your career trajectory during the pandemic

  • Mental distress coping mechanisms