How to Create a Culture of Purpose & Performance



Thursday, September 6
6:00PM PDT


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51% of employees in the USA are not engaged. Which means while you’re reading this, more than half your team feels indifferent, is open to, and/or looking for a new job.

Most companies ignore or manage this by waving bigger sticks or dangling more carrots, only to discover that it doesn’t guarantee a better culture, better performance, or happier people.

Engagement isn’t just about the results we produce or what perks we can get. It’s about feeling valued, going home fulfilled, bringing our fullest selves to the table, and feeling connected to our colleagues, vision, and work. For great engagement lives in culture – the language we use, the values we hold, and how we relate to one another.

Companies who understand this enjoy more profit, happier customers, more creativity, better ideas, healthier working relationships, and higher staff retention.

6-630pm – Drinks and networking 630-8pm – Panel + Questions

In this 1.5 hour panel, you will:

• Learn how to create a great culture without needing expensive perks

• Identify key gaps and opportunities in your own company culture

• Learn key components for connecting purpose and performance

• Enjoy networking with other founders and leaders who are also passionate about creating great culture


Jully Kim Director of Engineering Programs, Zendesk

Maria Currier Program Manager of Transformation, Cisco

Ketan Anjaria Founder and CEO HireClub

Pauly Ting Founder and Chief Cultural Officer of Bold&Resolute

Who is this event for?

Founders, leaders, and managers who are responsible for, and want to create a high-performing, and purpose-driven culture. The conversation is best for those who care deeply about their people, and want to create a powerful and empowered employee experience.

About the moderator

Pauly Ting has worked with startups, accelerators, and Fortune 500s over the last 15 years to help create high-performing teams, unlock new levels of performance, and transform how teams communicate, work together, and generate new ideas.

Pauly has helped executives, teams, and individuals all around the world to experience joy, happiness, and fulfillment in their work, while also producing the results they desire.

Panel Culture

6:00PM - 8:00PM PDT


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San Francisco, CA