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Wednesday, September 26
6:00PM PDT


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Our next HireClub Live is with Tech For Campaigns!

We'll post the live stream on this page and the page and group.

Our special guests are Azra Panjwani, volunteer with Tech For Campaigns, and Doug Lewis, Director of Performance Marketing @ Tech For Campaigns. We will talk about the amazing work they are doing pairing talented tech volunteers with Democratic campaigns to help them step up their digital game and win some elections.

What is Tech For Campaigns?

Believe it or not, less than 10% of Democratic political campaign budgets go towards online advertising compared to 40%+ of Republican campaigns even though the average American spends 5+ hours in front of a screen. We’re here to change that.

Powered by 7000+ tech volunteers and growing, Tech for Campaigns is an organization that staffs talented marketers, designers, engineers, data scientists, and business leaders with progressive and centrist political campaigns across the United States. You can think of us as a digital marketing agency whose clients are all Democratic candidates across the country. Here’s what the New York Times had to say about us a couple of months ago:

With the midterm elections less than 2 months away, we’ve kicked into high gear, have staffed 75+ campaign projects, and need to staff 25+ more before October 1st.

Learn more and apply for a project here

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