Your Coaching Minutes

Subscribers have a set amount of minutes each month when subscribe to our coaching plans.

  • Basic Plan: 30 mins

  • Pro Plan: 60 mins

  • Ultimate Plan: 120 mins

  • Platinum Plan: 240 mins

  • Execuitve 60 Plan: 60 mins

  • Execuitve 120 Plan: 120 mins

We understand that in some months you might need more minutes than your existing plan has. You have the flexibility to get more minutes by going to and upgrading your plan at anytime.

You are charged only the difference in cost and immediately get access to your additional minutes. Switching back to your original plan is possible before the new billing cycle.

Additional minutes can also be purchased as single session with your coach.

In case you don't use all your minutes of this month, leftover minutes are rolled over to your next month.

Coaching minutes are non-transferrable or redeem to use by another user. Once your billing is up and subscription is canceled, you will not have access to your minutes or retrieve them if you decide to join again.