How do I become a coach?

You can apply to become a coach at

Step 1 - Coach Phone Screen

We'll do a call to understand your coaching experience and tell you how HireClub works.

Step 2 - Co-Coaching Call

If we proceed, then you will do a co-coaching call. You'll coach for 15 minutes and then you'll be coached for 15 minutes. Our goal is to learn about your coaching style and your coaching ability. You will not have a lot information before hand on purpose.

Step 4 - Approval

If you are approved after the co-coaching call, we'll set you up with a coach profile. You'll then need to update/edit that.

Step 5 - Shadow Calls

You can then do a shadow call. A shadow call is where you are listening in to a real coaching call. The coach and client know you are there, but you are on mute. You can do as many shadow calls as you need.

Step 6 - Start Coaching!

After your training is complete, you can then start coaching.