How do coaching sessions work?

Schedule A Session

To book a session with your coach, go to

This will take you to your appointment page where you'll see a blue "Schedule" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Click it, choose the session duration, enter your info and hit "complete appointment." You'll get an email shortly after to confirm the appointment.

Prepare for the Session

In preparation for the call, make sure you're in a quiet area so you don't have trouble hearing your coach, have something ready to take notes, and think about what you'd like to discuss during the call.

If you'd like some additional tips on how to get the most of your coaching sessions, read this article:

Join the Call

All of our coaching calls are held on the HireClub platform using our video chat feature. You'll receive an email 10 mins before your session starts with a link to join the video call. You can also join by going to your Appointment page and clicking the blue "Video" button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

You'll first be taken to a virtual waiting room where you can adjust your video and audio settings and make sure you don't have any spinach in your teeth :) Once you’re ready to start your session, just click “join session” and you’re good to go!

One thing to be aware of is that if you have an unstable internet connection and your video is set to “auto” or “high quality”, your video will automatically be turned off to conserve bandwidth. You can adjust this in the virtual waiting room by clicking on settings and then video.

After Your Session

After each coaching session, you will be prompted to fill our a brief and optional feedback form about the experience. You can share this feedback with your coach and leave them a public review if you'd like or you can share it only with internal HireClub staff.

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