How do coaching sessions work?

Before you meet with your coach, make sure to let them know ahead of time whether you'd like to have a video session or a phone session so you can both be prepared accordingly.

Phone Sessions

Your coach will call you at the time of your scheduled session. In preparation for the call, make sure you're in a quiet area so you don't have trouble hearing your coach, have something ready to take notes, and think about what you'd like to discuss during the call.

Video Sessions

To join a video call, go to your session Appointment page and click the blue "Video" button in the upper right hand side of the page.

This takes you to a virtual waiting room where you can adjust your video and audio settings and make sure you don't have any spinach in your teeth :) Once you’re ready to start your session, just click “join session” and you’re good to go! One thing to be aware of is that if you have an unstable internet connection and your video is set to “auto” or “high quality”, your video will automatically be turned off to conserve bandwidth. You can adjust this in the virtual waiting room by clicking on settings and then video.

After Your Session

After each coaching session, you will be prompted to fill our a brief and optional feedback form about the experience. You can share this feedback with your coach and leave them a public review if you'd like or you can share it only with internal HireClub staff.

Providing us with feedback helps us better understand the impact of coaching, what we could improve on, and how well matched you're with your coach, among other things.

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