What Are Career and Executive Coaching?

Career Coaching

Career coaching involves partnering 1-on-1 with a professional coach to help you gain clarity on your career goals and develop a practical strategy for reaching them. Goals vary depending on the person but examples of things you can work on with a coach include:

  • Creating a job search strategy
  • Figuring out how to thrive in your current role
  • Personal branding (resume writing or Linkedin profile)
  • Increasing your professional confidence and influence
  • Transitioning into a new career
  • Practicing for interviews
  • Finding work/life balance
  • Creating a success mindset

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching also involves working 1-on-1 with a coach, the difference is that career coaching is geared towards benefitting one individual with regards to their personal career trajectory, while executive coaching services are meant to benefit both the individual AND that person’s entire organization by improving leadership from the top-down.

Executive coaching is typically used by C-suite, VPs, and other high-level leaders, to help with things like becoming a better leader, making the right strategic decisions, developing key relationships and increasing productivity, to name a few.

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