2019: Year in Review

HireClub Gratitude Growth

Ketan Anjaria

2019 has been an incredible year for HireClub

Salary Negotation We raised salaries by over $1,200,000 million for coaching clients!

Annual Revenue We grew revenue 3x to $280,000 without ads!

Coach Earnings We paid coaches over $157,000!

Coaching Minutes Coaches spent 88,000 minutes coaching clients. That's 1466 hours of coaching!

Community What started as just 25 friends is now over 30,000 members in our community!

Throughout the year, there was many days progress seemed stalled. It’s so easy to get stuck in a negative mindset.

Days I wanted to give up. Days I thought that we weren't going to make it. My anxiety often makes the trouble now seem worse than the growth that's happened.

But when you take time to reflect and value your wins, you can see positive patterns.

When you have gratitude every day, you can learn to value yourself.

What were your wins in 2019? What did you learn to value about yourself?


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