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Ketan Anjaria

2020 was a hell of a year. I'm no stranger to fear or anxiety. I know it's hard out there sometimes. But here's some things I have learned from 2020.

1 - No matter what, YOU have to be your biggest fan. No one else is going to do it. Whether it's impostor syndrome or lack of self-confidence, how you feel about yourself decides so much about your outlook. Take all the time in the world you need for self care. Say more nice things about yourself. Brag. Be proud. You are freaking amazing.

2 - You are likely wrong on some things. In my case, many things lol. The ability to be humble and take feedback is crucial for success. Do not expect to repeat the same behaviors and get different results. You have to change with the times. 2020 has shown us massive change is going to happen whether you are ready for it or not. Change with the waves.

3 - Approach any new initiative, whether your job search or career growth with a "What amazing things are possible?" attitude. I spent much of 2020 in a funk and my work and my company suffered. When I realized I had scarcity mindset and how much it was holding me back, I saw how negative my thoughts were. Even if bad things happened, your resilience and faith will do more for you than what job you have or how much money you make.

4 - Get some help. Nobody can survive on their own. It takes a village to survive 2020 or 2021. I have multiple advisors, coaches, therapists, friends, employees that I rely on for help. I am not ashamed to admit that I need help all the time. Needing help is the basis of jobs. Companies need help via employees to get stuff done. You need help via coaches or friends or therapy to grow. If you have the attitude you don't need anyone, no one will need you.

5 - Spend money on things that return you money or time. Don't spend money on things for status. You don't need that fancy new latest phone or laptop but investing in a coach or a therapy or exercise has an ROI miles ahead of other things. Treating yourself to a nice meal is wonderful if you are tired. #treatyoself

6 - If something bad happens, don't make the assumption that you are bad. Your resume could have been skipped because they were just busy. You could have not gotten that job because they found someone else but none of those things should be reflected in your self worth. But if you take everything as an attack, you'll always be on guard. That's so damn tiring. I know because I do that and I'm exhausted. Don't make the same mistake I do and view the world as out to get you.

7 - Don't ask people for free things. You want to be paid and be paid well. So does everyone else. If you don't value others, they won't value you. In America we don't often have a strong social safety net but paying and supporting your friends and their businesses and them supporting you is a great way to have a safety net. We can grow together or we can squabble for pennies. Pay it forward.

8 - Boundaries are your friends. Know your limits and communicate them. You are strongest when you don't over extend yourself. Rest is built into success. Don't accept people or places that make you feel less. Separate yourself from abuse and negativity.

9 - Laugh. All the time. I watch 30 minutes to an hour of comedy almost every day. I try to find joy everywhere I can and try not to take myself seriously. For those of us that survived 2020, we are incredibly lucky and being able to find joy in the craziness is how you will build resilience and growth. #wtf2020

10 - Help others when you can. This is how HireClub started. I truly believe in this. Whether it's coaching or just being there for someone, helping others gives you perspective on how lucky you are. Even if you think you have it bad, trust me there are others that have it worse. Grow generosity like a plant.



Divya Kumar Exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for posting this!


Ketan Anjaria You are very welcome!

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