5 Tips For How To Get A Job

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Ketan Anjaria

People often come to HireClub to get help in their career and we love that. I often say the skills to do a job, are very different than the skills to get a job.

And that is what we teach, the skills to get a job.

After helping thousands of people find jobs, there are few things we have learned.

1. Applying to 100's of jobs doesn't work.

You cannot have a spray and pray method. I know it's frustrating and applying for jobs feels like you are doing good work, but if you have applied for 100's without significant changes to your approach you are wasting time. A good rule of thumb is after every application, if you don't get a response, try changing something on your resume.

2. Focus on one role.

In this economy, specialists win. Generally the larger the company, the more specialized the role. While there are some roles like Operations, COO that it can be helpful to market yourself as a generalist, the vast majority of jobs are much easier to get if you market yourself as an expert in one particular skill. Note, I didn't say you couldn't have multiple skills, but it's how you market yourself. Tailor your resume to focus on one role. Do you want to go to a buffet or the world's best sushi restaurant?

3. You will likely need to change your habits or approach.

Look I get it, job searching sucks. I understand the frustration. But if you have been applying for a while and aren't getting results, you will likely need to learn and change your tactics. It's insanity to do the same thing and expect different results. This is a combo of multiple things. Listening to your coach, trying new ideas, learning new skills. Being open to change is a core tenet of successful coaching.

4. Having an abundance mindset.

I am no stranger to stress and anxiety. I daily deal with negativity in my mindset. But the honest answer is, it's not healthy. When I focus on the possibilities I want in my future, I can find much more success. I actually think the definition of luck is being able to see and act on potential. It's hard to see potential if you are under stress, or negativity, or pain. I think daily gratitude exercises are great ways to find abundance.

5. It's ok to ask for help.

Post that you are looking for a job (with clear relevant details on what you are looking for), share with your friends, your family, LinkedIn. There is no shame in looking for a job, every single person on earth deals with this at some point. If people don't know you need help, they can't help you.


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