Age is not a barrier

Go do that thing you want.

Ageism Learning Positivity

Ketan Anjaria

John Mahoney from the show "Frasier", who sadly recently passed away, was 37 when he started acting. Thirty seven.

WhatsApp's founder was 37 when it launched. And was rejected from both Twitter and Facebook for jobs.

Reid Hoffman was 35 when he started LinkedIn.

I'm 40 years old and I don't believe the snake oil that you have to be certain age to succeed or learn a new skill.

I know the media and Silicon Valley like to portray every brilliant founder is under 25 but that's far from the truth. The most successful companies have an average age of founding at 47.

I don't think it's any generation's fault for this misbelief. Humans love new and shiny. Every generation has something to offer.

Ageism is something that many industries struggle with but I think the tide will turn. Because many digital skills don't require previous education to learn, you can level up at anytime.

But in order to stay relevant, you have to learn fast. And learn new things. You have to be open to new ideas. An elastic brain is a open minded brain.

Go do that thing you are thinking about.

Go learn that new skill.

Live your dreams. You have nothing to lose.



Melissa Kirk Any data on gender? I've been looking for work for 2 years as a 47-year-old woman with nearly 20 years of experience in my field and have gotten nowhere. I wonder if things are harder for older women as opposed to men? I don't know; it's just something that's crossed my mind sometimes. I'm not looking in the tech space. But thanks for talking about the topic.

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