Covid Confessions



Ketan Anjaria

Ok confession time. The last 7 months have been really really hard.

I didn’t want to say anything because I felt weak. I was ashamed. 😢

My cofounder and I parted ways. We didn’t hit revenue targets, we had to let 3 employees go. I cut my salary twice.

Normally you all know I’m very transparent but covid and isolation just knocked me over. I wanted to keep a positive face but I was depressed and lonely. But that’s not always the real me. I am just transparent by nature. This community is important to me and I experience ups and downs just like you do. My story is your story.

So I took a break. I focused on my physical and mental health. I lost 20 pounds. I went for walks every day. I road tripped over 3000 miles (socially distant and wearing a mask) and 100 miles of hiking to try and find my mojo.

In the last 2 months, things are finally looking up. We grew in September for the first time since covid. October is looking up as well.

We fixed a ton of bugs, and our coaches are knocking it out of the park for their clients. We continue to close jobs, help people make more money (over $250k in increases during quarantine) and support them at work through this insane pandemic.

We now pay our existing employees and coaches even more. I still haven’t increased my salary.

We are about to launch executive coaching. It’s a B2B product that helps companies make sure their employees are performing their best and getting the support they need to grow and execute. We already sold our first few seats without any marketing.

We’re also about to turn on marketing for the first time. We know coaching works and after 850 five star reviews we know our product is changing lives for the better. I want HireClub to help millions of people succeed in their career. It truly brings me happiness.

This pandemic is honestly just a ducking mess. It’s hit so many of us in so many ways. I see it everyday when clients message us. It’s brutal and real and unlike anything I have ever seen.

The only thing I have learned is you just can’t give up. Like a difficult hike, you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I believe in HireClub. I believe in you. Most of all I believe in myself again.

I’m back and ready to rumble!! 🔥🚀😍



Rachael O'Meara Thanks for sharing, Ketan and glad things are on the up for you and HireClub. Congrats on all the progress!


Ketan Anjaria Thank you Rachel!


Jimmy Douglas You got this, my man! I believe in you. Glad you're taking care of yourself.


Ketan Anjaria Thanks for always being there brother!

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